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We’re Pleased to be Sponsoring AIM’s Sync Licensing Conference

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Music Gateway is pleased to be sponsoring AIM’s sync licensing conference. November 14th – Proud Camden, London

Annually AIM provides a masterclass on sync and licensing, and this year is no exception. The event being held on the 14th November at Proud Camden features a host of industry experts all poised to share their pearls of wisdom covering tv, film, advertising and gaming.

Who’s there

The panel chaired by Simon Raymonde (Bella Union) includes:

  • Ariel Sommer, Music Supervisor (synch2it) – Credits include ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and ‘Money’.
  • Vikram Gudi, Music Supervisor (Elephant Music) – Credits include ‘Google’ ‘UNICEF’ (Advert), Oscar-nominated ‘If a tree falls’.
  • Sarah Giles, Music Supervisor (Wave Music) – Credits include sourcing music for brands such as ‘Nike,’ ‘Volvo,’
  • Connie Farr, Music Supervisor (ThinkSync Music) – Credits include ‘Rise of the Foot soldier 2’ ‘Frank’

As well as music supervisors there are creative managers; Louisa Rainbird from The Music Sales Group and Sergio Pimentel from Ninja Tune.

What You Can Expect From The Night

The night will start with award-winning music supervisor Nora Felder’s keynote interview. Being one of the highest in demand supervisors, her body of work includes hit shows such as Californication, Ray Donovan and Netflix Original Stranger things – to name a few. Nora will be talking to David McGinnis.

After hearing about how Felder succeeded, an expert panel will then advise you on how you could also succeed. Discussing how to get independent music in TV, film, advertising and gaming, the panel including music supervisors and creative managers will be debating all aspects of the process of placing a track, covering points such as

  • What makes a track ‘sync-able’?
  • What can labels do to improve their chance of achieving sync licences for their artists?
  • What types of deal can be done? What kind of figures are involved?
  • How is the sync licensing business changing?

10 tracks submitted by labels will be reviewed and discussions will be held regarding how ‘syncable’ the tracks are.

Rounding off the night, the opportunity to network with industry professional over a few drinks.

About AIM and Music Gateway

AIM:  Established in 1999 have prided themselves on being the pioneers of advocacy within the independent music sector. And with 17 years of success rightly so, they guide and advise labels, big and small and also those who independently want to create and release music.

Offering advice, training and business support, with the end goal being ensuring their members have the knowledge, skills and contacts needed to succeed.

Music Gateway: Creating a platform for the musically talented to collaborate and connect with industry professionals. Music Gateway provides our 30,000+ user’s links to numerous record labels, supervisors, composers, publishers.

As well as providing platforms for companies within the industry to build and develop their rosters efficiently. For an in-depth look at what we do, you can find out more here.

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