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What’s Your Talent Worth?

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Jon Skinner


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If you’re talented then you can work as a Session Musician or Singer! What’s your talent worth?

What do you think makes someone a professional, or able to charge a fee for their session work?

I want to discuss and focus on people who currently don’t consider themselves to be a session musician, vocalist or producer for hire, or don’t think they can charge in return for providing their skill and talent.

If you ask that question to someone who has been earning a living as a professional session musician for years, they will probably tell you it takes X amount of time to gain enough experience and provide good value sessions in return for a fee. Well, let’s just turn this on its head and clear up a few urban myths regarding session work.

“all you have to do is add X amount of time to all of this stuff”

I’m going to say it how it is: If you are good enough,  you are old enough. Age should not be an issue when considering a person to work for you.

If you can provide a service which delivers what the client required, then happy days, job done. The client should know if you are the one for the project via your portfolio, if they weren’t happy with your portfolio, they shouldn’t have booked you.

Firstly, providing session work requires talent first and foremost. secondly, you need to be versatile and flexible with your playing style & sound.

Finally, you need the ability to understand what the client wants, which can be difficult, as some clients don’t fully know what they want themselves. Once you have delivered the basics to the client based on their remit, you can then experiment and look at putting your own personal slant on the session.

Technically, being professional is about conducting yourself overall in a good, fair and polite manor. In a work situation this still counts as a fundamental attitude, but you need to deliver what the client requires or what has been agreed, not always what you think is considered good. Experience will help of course, but in my experience it doesn’t make all the difference. Ultimately it comes down to expectations from the client’s perspective, if the client ends up satisfied with your work, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer, fresh and talented 18 year olds are now taking their first steps into session work.

I would say this; if you do have the talent, then frankly you should already be working and offering your services and skills to others. You have the key element to provide your services to other people on a GLOBAL scale. The internet has changed the landscape beyond belief and whilst in recent years it has had detrimental effects to the music industry, it has opened up a lot of other opportunities. Talented people can now be sourced and utilized regardless of location… Sod all that jumping on a planes, trains and automobiles; we can all work remotely these days with the use of some great technology.

Experience comes from “DOING”. Learning on the job is the best form of progression and career development, its REAL and it’s something that no college, music tutor or otherwise will prepare you for. You have to jump in and cut your teeth as they say, you won’t regret it, trust me.

(Specialist Moss: Session rapper and vocalist)

So let’s summarize and check the following…

+      Are you talented?

+      Do you have the facility to record at home or locally in a studio?

+      Do you want to earn money in return for your talent?

Then what you waiting for? There are thousands of people looking to work, hire and collaborate with other talented people, just look at how many people are making music these days! recently published the fact they have well over 20 million users, and this figure is going from strength to strength.

Ok, so you want to earn money, develop your career, gain experience and have fun whilst doing it. So how do you go about offering your services?

If you have the time and the money you can get your own website designed and built, or you can keep searching the internet highway for people looking to hire people. This has been the issue for many years; there isn’t an online service which connects these people together project by project, and everything else is so time consuming… network this, network that, maybe there is a solution after all…

I’m not going to sit here and spout off about the benefits of our new system, but I will tell you; it’s simple, unique and does what it says on the tin. I will let you decide if it hits the mark.

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