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When trouble is at hand – The Streaming Audio Task Force

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Can’t get mainstream traditional radio play for your songs and want to reach out to new audiences? Consider the rising opportunities that are emerging around you with the online world.  Streaming services Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn have recently conducted a survey into listener habits in the online world through their creation of what they call ‘The Streaming Audio Task Force’. Besides sounding like a new superhero group there studies reveal useful information/trends!

Through a survey of 3000 Americans regarding their listener habits the following information has been compiled. We hope at Music Gateway that this will give you artists and labels out there a better up to date idea of where listeners listen to their music and discover new music in the online world.

Results have shown that 53% of Americans listen to internet radio, 39% personal radio (i.e. Pandora) 27% streaming live radio (TuneIn) and 18% on demand music (Spotify). The popularity of online listenership is clearly at an impressive rate and this is likely to increase.

The survey shows that 32% of listeners currently listen to a much more hours of online radio than last year and with 26% being new to the concept of online listening. It was revealed that a huge 83% of Smartphone owners confirm that they listen online through there devices. Larry Rosen of Edison stated “The advent of mobile listening, and the proliferation of choices for the types of internet audio, have transformed the medium from niche activity to major media channel in under ten years.”

This shows that as opposed to traditional radio that digital/streaming radio stations are becoming increasingly as important and popular. It is usually cheaper and easier to have your songs made available this way also and this niche market expands your potential audience reach into more newer and more targeted audiences.

It is important for musicians in the music industry to be aware of the trends happening around and the listening habits of modern day consumers. This data presents an audience and you have to take that knowledge and appeal to the trend to expand your potential audience reach as far as possible. Listeners want to have more control of their radio experience whether it be through more niche genres of stations or handcrafted playlists by the listeners themselves so it is essential you make yourself the top of their list.

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