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Why do Labels and Publishers use Music Gateway as an A&R Vehicle?

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At Music Gateway our mission is to empower music industry professionals and help further their careers, providing an environment in which talented musician’s thrive and create a level playing-field for those that can provide what others are in need of.

We have created a breeding ground for collaborators and professional talent. The community is crossing musical genres and territorial borders with ease and serving as an opportunity for labels and publishers to tap into top quality songwriters, composers, and industry professionals.

Many established Labels and Publishers including; Warner, K Digital Media, and Notting Hill Music are discovering our platform and using it as an A&R tool of the digital age. With this, we thought we’d look at why Labels and Publishers are using us as an A&R vehicle?

From the perspective of a Record Label, if you’re looking for new artists and bands to add to your roster you can create a project and A&R for talent. It’s simple and sheds time, which as we know is one of the industry’s most valuable assets. You can post an opportunity with details and tags to find exactly what you’re looking for – whether it’s to find songs for an already rostered artist or hire producers/remixers/engineers.

We will then match opportunities to relevant members on the platform with the relevant skills and notify them. Interested members can then pitch on relevant opportunities and labels can A&R their way through the submissions at arm’s length to find the artist(s) or individual(s) they want to work with.

Simon Gurney from BBC Worldwide signed up to a Pro Membership earlier in 2015. When asked if it makes sense to have a way of connecting to producers and artists in a controlled way to reuse and make new recordings to monetise catalogue? Gurney replied;

Absolutely and that’s why I’m on Music Gateway now. There are only two of us (Denise Black being the other one) doing all this and not enough time to meet everybody face to face so this fits our needs nicely.”

As a Publisher, if you’re looking to expand your catalogue or expand your song-writing team, posting the opportunity with us gives access to thousands of our members. Like with labels, by creating an A&R project, Publishers can include details and tags of exactly what type of song(s) they’re looking for. Following the pitching period they can choose the songs they’d most like to consider or discuss terms with. The best thing is that it’s free to post opportunities and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can close them without any loss.

Whilst it is entirely possible to use us as a free member, a Pro Membership allows labels and publishers to find the best members on our site who are also willing to invest in themselves. With A&R being where it is today – compared to 15 years ago – labels increasingly demand that artists have momentum going before they invest. Pro Members a great examples of people already investing in themselves.

Simon Gurney stated that BBC Worldwide were drawn to us and our Pro Membership because of the concept.


It’s simple in some ways and yet still needed somebody to both think it up and actually bring it to life and it’s great that it’s a British company that got there first.”

Another one of the industry’s most valuable assets is privacy of content. Labels and Publishers don’t want to hand out an email address and details to just anyone so we provide a unique solution where submissions can be received, but contact details are only given to those members you want to work with. However, throughout the pitching period and Workspace, members can directly contact the Labels and Publishers running the opportunity to discuss or enquire. This is all done via our easy-to-use in-project messaging.


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