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So you’re pitching on a project and you’re about to share a link/email address. You then see a message from us (Music Gateway) saying, that it’s against our T&Cs to exchange links and contact info.

This might seem like we’re saying “No stop! You’re not allowed!” … but it isn’t us being mean or imposing “Music Gateway laws” on you, we actually do it for your benefit. “But how?” you may ask?

Well, it’s quite simple really so we’ll tell you below, but first I want to give a brief background of how projects work:

– A Music Gateway User will post the project

– Other Relevant Users will pitch on it

– The Project Owner will review the pitches and clarify the terms/budget/other info via the pitch messaging system.

– Once the Project Owner decides they want to work with someone they accept them onto the project.

– The Pitching User can then accept back and get access to the project workspace.

Your Security

So let’s see what we’ll have on the system after this process:

– A record of the agreement between both parties

– The budget they have agreed on

– The terms they have agreed to

This means that in case of any disputes we’ll be able to help.

Once both parties are happy with the terms and have shaken hands (virtually) they can exchange any information they wish to and get in touch through any way they wish to.

Getting Paid

If a project is completed through Music Gateway, we provide a secure SSL payment system where

– The Project Owner won’t receive the final files until they have paid

– The Project Worker won’t receive any payment until they have sent over the final files

This way we provide security for both parties reducing the chance of someone running away with your money/music to 0.

Saving Time

Put yourself in the shoes of a major project owner.

– They have received a large number of pitches on their project.

– They’d want a quick A&R process and make a decision about you and your music as quickly as possible.

– If you have a fully complete profile and they click through listen to your music read your bio they’d be able to make a decision.

– If they have to click through to your profile to have to find it’s empty and then have to click through to another page it won’t give the best impression… trust me I’ve been in that situation.

Ease of Use

Through the platform Project Owners can Shortlist pitches they like. This way they’ll be able to:

– Re-visit and compare them and choose the ones they want to work with.

– Easily access the information that made them shortlist you in the first place, rather than having to deal with messages from different platforms/sources.

– The easier you make it for the project owner to make a decision the bigger chance there is you’ll be chosen for the project.

And just to mention, it’s completely free to post your project and use our platform to find the right person to work with. If you have any questions we’re always an e-mail away – [email protected]

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