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Soonvibes – a new way to test your music potential

Author Mary Woodcock  |  28 May 2014

Want real advice and feedback on your tracks from music professionals? Read more here…

Laurence survives his charity Skydive for The Orpheus Centre!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 May 2014

A while back in 2013, I was volunteering at a performing arts centre for disabled young adults. I had never done anything like it before, so it was a completely new experience for me, and I had no...

Top Uses of Your Drummer (Written by a Bassist)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 May 2014

Being a bassist I have a special bond with our drummer… I mean we are the rhythm section so we have to support each other right? But in the same time we do have a bit of a banter constantly...

Artist Growth launch their new Tour Merch tool!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 May 2014

Our friends at Artist Growth are a music-technology company providing state of the art technology for artists and their managers. Find out more about their new ‘Tour Merch’ tool…

Prove yourself at Music Potential 2014

Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 April 2014

Are you a young, budding radio presenter? Or maybe you’re a producer, DJ, songwriter or performer? If you’re looking to build your skills, speak directly to music industry...

Music Gateway at Liverpool Sound City

Author Mary Woodcock  |  25 April 2014

The Music Gateway team will be attending this year’s Liverpool Sound City, and we’re very excited! Liverpool Sound City welcomes over 360 of the most exciting breakthrough artists to play the...

Music Gateway at Brighton Music Conference (BMC)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 April 2014

This weekend Brighton witnessed over 50 electronic music exhibitors, and over 150 luminary speakers from industry giants such as Spotify, DJ Magazine, Beatport, Tokyo Industries, Roland, Senheiser...

NAB Show – Las Vegas Review by Jon Skinner

Author Jon Skinner  |  14 April 2014

It was a pleasure to be invited by Hunter Williams, the Executive Director of the PMA (Production Music Association) to attend this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas and present to the technical...

Music TechPitch 4.5 The Highlights

Author Mary Woodcock  |  09 April 2014

So last night we presented at Music Tech Pitch 4.5 alongside the best music tech start-ups in the industry, find out some more about what they do here! We started the night with a bit of...

Music Gateway valued at £1m after new investment

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 April 2014

We are delighted to announce that Music Gateway have secured private investment, now valuing the company at £1m. Thank you to all our current users who have made the growth and development of...

Music Gateway attend this years ‘Music TechPitch 4.5’

Author Mary Woodcock  |  04 April 2014

Music TechPitch 4.5 is a platform to enable start-ups specifically within the music-tech industry from all across Europe, to showcase their business proposition to a relevant wider audience,...

NAB Show – The Event For People Passionate About Content

Author Mary Woodcock  |  03 April 2014

So who’s going? It’s run by the National Association of Broadcasters, but what exactly is NAB Show?

Spotify announces 1p per stream increase!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  01 April 2014

We’ve just heard that Spotify has announced it will be raising it’s Pay Per Stream from 0.0007p to 1p actually giving their artists a chance to make a living from the service. This has...

UK Music Apprenticeship Programme: How can this help your business?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 March 2014

The first steps into the Music Industry are often difficult for young people even though they might have great drive to pursue a Music Industry career. They might even have extensive knowledge on...

Beatstars – Providing The Tools You Need!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 March 2014

Now what we all need is a an effective hub to sell and distribute our music that works well and at the same time looks visually great to your fans. Not all of us are professional web designers and...

How To Open Up An Underground Track To A Wider Audience

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 March 2014

The heat between underground and mainstream music will never end, the people who love their mainstream music find underground music too weird and obscure, and those that love their underground...

The Importance of Good Vocals – Introducing VSA

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 March 2014

I feel it is always important when listening to a song to appreciate all aspects of the track in hand. It can be a shame when vocalists and songwriters are overlooked , especially in the Dance...

5 Music Technologies that make the future seem closer!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  25 February 2014

We live in a digital Age. The future isn’t tomorrow. It’s now. With geneticists modifying mice to glow in the dark, and incredible brain scanning technologies. We wonder? What’s new in the music...

Music & Video: They co-exist, but what happens when you take the music out?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  21 February 2014

As random or weird music videos are sometimes, they always seem to go with the music – the mood, the dynamics, the colours… I think we are so used to watching Music Videos that we don’t...

Valentine’s Day – Just Another Day?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  14 February 2014

It’s that time of year again. You’re either ready to get loved up with your other half with a bottle of wine and tasty meal or you’re having a single’s night out in...