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Music Gateway works with Global Music Awards

Author Mary Woodcock  |  21 May 2015

The Global Music Awards is an award ceremony held to honour new music and emerging artists. Their aim is to help promote evolving sounds and winners are considered to be in a select group of the...

THIS WEEK: Atlantic Record Song Placements, Interview with Rob Cass & New Music Seminar Tickets

Author Sophie Small  |  15 May 2015

We’re still in conference mode this week and our team is travelling all over the world discussing the site with top industry professionals to expand opportunities for our dedicated users.

THIS WEEK: Big Projects, Music Conferences and Free Giveaways for Users

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 May 2015

We had a successful couple of weeks in LA attending some fantastic conferences and creating more opportunities than ever for the site and our new partners, Discmakers, are giving away a free press...

High Budget, High Profile Projects means Bigger and Better Opportunities for MG Users

Author Mary Woodcock  |  02 May 2015

This week at Music Gateway, we visited MPA Presents at The Social in London and have had a number of a high profile, high budget projects coming through the site.


Author Mary Woodcock  |  24 April 2015

It’s been another eventful week for us; from partnerships with the world leaders of music education to attending events that are shaping the future of music, we truly are busy!

Partnership with Singapore’s ‘All That Matters’ Conference & Exclusive Discount!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  22 April 2015

We’re excited to announce that we will be partnering and VIP attending the All That Matters Singapore conference this year. In a time where music is available at the click of a button, we must...

Music Conferences, Press Releases and Favourite Projects

Author Sophie Small  |  10 April 2015

Another hectic week at Music Gateway, we’ve been here (the office), there (conferences) and everywhere (EVERYWHERE).

Come and say hi! Sync Summit London 2015

Author Sophie Small  |  02 April 2015

Sync Summit host a number of renowned network events held in the US and Europe where top professional members of the Music, Gaming, TV, Film, Advertising and Internet worlds come together for a...

This week on MG – Major Remix & Drum n Bass Song Placement Opportunities and we discuss Copyright In

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 March 2015

As ever it’s been a great week with some major projects being posted. So what should you know about this week?

The blurred line between musical influence and plagiarism

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 March 2015

The person who said that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery, clearly never worked in the music industry. One of the biggest news stories recently involved Robin Thicke and Pharrell...

THIS WEEK: Song Placements, Breaking the Asian Market, Free Giveaways & Feature Opportunities!

Author Sophie Small  |  19 March 2015

We’ve had a really great few months. The amount of users is increasing rapidly, exciting projects are being posted daily and the Private Network is getting the interest it deserves. However,...


Author Mary Woodcock  |  02 March 2015

So you’re pitching on a project and you’re about to share a link/email address. You then see a message from us (Music Gateway) saying, that it’s against our T&Cs to exchange links...

THIS WEEK: Music Video Release, A&R Projects, Remix, Record Labels, Collaborations & NEW PROJECTS

Author Sophie Small  |  27 February 2015

KDigital are taking over out projects board with new projects every week! Their first project with Music Gateway completed it’s lifecycle and the music video has been released. We promised...

MG takeover Audio Rokit and Acquire more Users and Projects!

Author Sophie Small  |  24 February 2015

We’ve just completed a deal to purchase online song submission service, Audio Rokit! Do you know what this means?! No? Let me tell you!

Joint Ventures, Song Placements, Loans, Free Record Deals & Trending Projects. This week at MG.

Author Sophie Small  |  20 February 2015

This week we’ve been talking a lot about our private investments, joint ventures and how they can benefit you as a user. We also have a brand new project courtesy of our joint venture launching...

Sync License, Topline Opportunities and the Digital Currency Bitcoin. This Week at MG 13/02/2015

Author Sophie Small  |  13 February 2015

It’s been another great week in our offices. We’ve doubled the company value from £1million to £2million and it’s FRIDAY so we’re popping champagne over here (metophorically speaking, of course)!...

Hate Nicki Minaj? Think Again.

Author Mary Woodcock  |  09 February 2015

Do you hate Nicki Minaj? Do you have no idea why? A few weeks ago, I also hated Nicki Minaj and I also had no idea why. To be completely honest, it was probably due to her success and partly at...

Success, Songwriting and Programming/Mix Engineering Opportunities. This week at MG 06/02/2015

Author Sophie Small  |  06 February 2015

As much as we’re excited it’s Friday we’re also excited about some of the projects both completed and new that have been happening on Music Gateway this week. Lets bring you up to speed with some...


Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 January 2015

It’s been a great week here at Music Gateway with loads of new projects being posted and even more projects successfully find their match. We’ve highlighted some of the most exciting...

Songwriters Wanted, Placements, Partnerships and More. This Week at Music Gateway 23/01/15

Author Mary Woodcock  |  23 January 2015

All of us here at Music Gateway hope you’ve had a good week! We’ve been working hard as ever, and have picked some of the best projects of this week.