300K Christmas Gift To All Music Gateway Members

Written by Mary Woodcock

21 December 2015

Join thousands of creatives in our global community

This Christmas we are offering you a gift to show you our appreciation, we are giving you money to use on Music Gateway, yes you read right. It’s our Christmas gift to you, and the offer is available to claim from now until the end of January.

  Here’s how much you can save:


Free Members – £10 Each

Pro Level Members – £20 Each


 You have until the 31st January 2016 to claim and make good use of your gift, so don’t miss out.


You can use your gift for;

– Feature a project posting

– Filter your project to ‘Pro Only’

 – Pay for 1 month of Pro membership

 – Contribute towards paying your project worker for the final master files.

 – Pay a connection fee (when accepting a terms based work offer)


Don’t forget you have until the 31st January 2016 to claim the offer. 

Thank you for making this year great, we appreciate you and your contribution to our community. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year along with the best of luck with all your upcoming projects and pitches.



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