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360 Magazine are Looking for Talented Artists to feature!

Photograph of the blog post author, Mary Woodcock

Mary Woodcock


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Edgy Fashion, Lifestyle + Culture Magazine 360Mag are looking for a talented and cutting edge artist to feature in their online & print magazine! 

360 Magazine  cover contemporary stories and feature in depth articles about Fashion, Entertainment, Arts+Culture, Design, and most importantly MUSIC!

Good press is important for any artist looking to connect with their fans, and I shouldn’t have to tell you that an interview is a great way of letting them peek behind the curtain of their favourite musician. So you’d be silly, (or maybe sleeping) if you missed out on an opportunity like this!

Lucky for you the hard-working boys and girls over at 360Mag have reached out and got in touch with us as they are looking for the best talent to feature! (pssst. That’s you!)

You can find the project here!

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