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BPM @ NEC – A ‘Dream World’ for Producers & Music Tech Heads

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It’s not hard to tell why each year herds and herds of aspiring producers, DJ’s, performers, promoters, venue owners, equipment retailers, technicians, record labels – the list goes on – attend BPM’s showcase of innovative product displays, high-energy performances and alluring seminars. Well… I pretty much just said it there, so now you definitely know. BPM’s swoon of musical & technological enchantment, inevitably, creates an awesome atmosphere and opportunity to network, meeting all types of different people from all over the industry, worldwide!

Now is a great time for electronic music so I’m sure there will be no shortage in big names that attend. And when one door opens, well, another one opens.  Just to draw a picture of what it’s like, within the walls of the NEC, BPM transforms the “two exhibition halls into three-day mini-city of interactive displays, educational lessons, chilled-out networking areas, and incredible live performances.”

We were lucky enough to have a couple of members from our team here at Music Gateway to get tickets to attend this, I would say event but that would be the understatement of the year, so I’m sticking with ‘world’.

Our very own Jon Skinner (founder /CEO at Music Gateway) is joining a panel that will be probing thoughts on “Publishing Your Tracks in the Digital Age.” It will touch on the importance of the ‘know how’ and the tools you need to get heard. Being the best producer or musician in the world sometimes isn’t enough to get you noticed; it can be really tough to swim up through all the over saturation of music that the digital age has spawned for us. How do you, in this digital age, make sure you’re getting the exposure you need? What platforms should you use to help get the results you’re looking for through your hard work and efforts, and how do you make sure your work isn’t being used elsewhere without your permission?

The panel commences on Saturday 14th of September at the NEC in Birmingham. Panelists include: Jules O’Riordan a.k.a ‘Judge Jules’ (Sheridans) & Ben Rush (Founder & CEO of AudioLock)

We hope to see you guys down there and if you’re already going we are sure you’ll enjoy the event and again make sure to check out the BPM website!

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