Disney Style Project! You want in? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Written by Mary Woodcock

18 October 2013

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There a couple of big new projects on Music Gateway today, but one that has really caught our eye, and we’re sure it will yours too, is a project producing an animated short in the style of classic Disney like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.

The project is aiming to get investors by starting a Kickstarter project, which will consist of video of him talking, mixed with a colour poster for the film and a few storyboard shorts that will be supplied by the project owners themselves.

He is currently looking for someone to score the Kickstarter project, which should be about a two or three minutes. The score can be a minute that he may repeat.

So if you’re interested check it out on Music Gateway soon, as there are already plenty of interested parties with pitches already put in, the project has another 11 days left, but if you get the right pitch in now it’ll definitely show your interest! 

The link for the project is right here!

Good luck and happy scoring! 

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