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So, we doubled the company value… round of applause followed by bows and murmured thank you’s! We did actually announce this last week but we wanted to give you an insight into why this is as exciting for you as it is for us at Music Gateway.

Going from £1 million to £2million in less than a year is a huge achievement for us and it also means that more and more people are beginning to see the potential in the Music Gateway concept. So much so they’re choosing to invest.

What does this mean for you?

We’ve already got more than 20,000 talented professionals using the site and the expansion in interest and value means this will continue rising.

Now, when you post a project you will have more people taking an interest and pitching. It also means when you’re pitching on a project you’ll have more competitors. Ultimately what it means though is that projects will reach a higher standard and potential.

It’s kind of like dating. How do you know you’re with your one true love if you’ve only met 20 people? Expanding the user base means you’re more likely to find your perfect match and therefore, create better results on your projects.

More Project Opportunities

Our new joint venture with established digital distributor and publisher, KDigital Media from Asia has already seen some exciting new prospects for users of Music Gateway.

Past Project

A high-profile project was recently completed between KDigital and 23 year old, music producer from Sheffield, Little Tokyo. Yeeeeeppppp, you heard right! A Major Asian Publishing Company and an independent music producer collaborating together to create Andamiro’s new single release (coming soon). Little Tokyo will tell you about the experience, working on Music Gateway and what prospects have opened up due to the collaboration during his interview with us here.

Existing Project

We currently have another high-profile project up with KDigital that you can view here. They’re looking for people who’d like to get involved with TV & Drama Sync Licensing placements.

Typical song placement fees secured by KDigital range from $5000 to $30,000 depending on the TV production company they work with.

If that’s not a great opportunity then we don’t know what is!

Future Projects

Already there’s two major project opportunities created by this joint venture, which is only set to continue. The sky is the limit for us and we’re working really hard to expand these opportunities even further with other companies and more with KDigital.

Sit tight and get pitching!

You can create you’re own project or set up a profile to view more of our opportunities.

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