FairSquare’s Music for the UK Markets ears!

Written by Mary Woodcock

27 February 2018

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Our friends at FairSquare might not be what you would call the normal link to the rock and roll music industry lifestyle, but there might just be a bit more of a connection than you think.


We all know that making it in the world of music isn’t easy. So much time and effort goes in with sometimes not a lot to show for it. If passion is what’s spurring you on until you make it then we understand that you’ll need all the help you get. In the same way we try and provide online tools to make that a little easier, our friends at FairSquare are offering deals on brand new and used vehicles with the UK’s first real time car finance comparison platform.


As featured in national publications, FairSquare aims to shake up those traditional car buying experiences. Offering rates from 5.9% APR, with packages tailored to you and your circumstances.


Interested or want to know more, take a look at www.fairsquare.com or call one of the team on 0345 0030008 quoting MG for extra value.

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