Free Album Distribution Deal through iMusician Digital? Great Opportunity!

Written by Mary Woodcock

03 December 2013

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Today we have an exciting competition for all of you to get involved with! We have been talking to the guys at the great and forward thinking company iMusician Digital and we have sorted out some free voucher giveaways from them to give to you!

So what do these vouchers give you I hear you ask? Well iMusician Digital offer digital distribution services (as well as publishing administration, synchronisation rights & neighbouring rights) and the vouchers are codes that upon creating an account with iMusician Digital will allow you (the user) to create/distribute one whole album for free!

So if you have a release coming up this is a pretty exciting and useful prize.

Now we aren’t giving them away too easily but it’s pretty simple to get in for a chance to win a iMusician voucher. All you need to do is email with the subject “iMusician Competition Entry” and in that email tell us why you would benefit from a voucher allowing you a free album release. Let us know about your album, the campaign/plan around it and excite us a bit. If we feel like a voucher would be well placed with you then it’s yours! We want to help out the artists/bands that really do deserve one of these vouchers. We will read every email.

We have a total of 10 vouchers to give away and the closing date for email entries is this Friday 6th December with the winners to be announced on Wednesday 11th December. Check out iMusician Digital here!

We look forward to seeing your emails and good luck!


Title: iMusician Digital Competition Entry

Description: Why should you get a free album distribution voucher?

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