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We’re excited to be partnering with Romanian conference ‘Mastering The Music Business’ and our sending our Head of Sync, Lucas Iliev, to speak as a panelist at the conference this July.

Want to attend?

Members can apply to receive a  5% discount to attend the conference and band & artist showcase event here.

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If you are an artist or band that wants to play at the event we have secured our own Music Gateway slots! Just pitch for the opportunity here.

Want to Know More About The Romanian Music Industry?

The Romanian music industry has been relatively unheard of until recent years, so here’s a brief bio and a look at what’s going on in the second edition of the conference.

The Early Years

During the communism years that ended in 1989, Romania had one radio station, one TV station and one record company, all of which were owned by the state; hard to call that a ‘music industry’.

The Romanian music industry as we know it, was officially born in 1996, with the passing of the copyright law. It was also the green light for all international majors to find local companies to license; BMG, Sony, Warner, EMI, Polygram-suddenly everybody was there.

Now, twenty-one years later, the Romanian music industry has come a long way and is still trying hard to close any gaps that are separating them from other European competitors.

As a live music market, Romania has thrived in the last few years, especially since their inclusion in the EU in 2007. After that a lot of important artists started to include Romania on their tour routes. Compared to its neighbouring countries, Romania is a much bigger market – with a population of approx. 20mil inhabitants against Bulgaria’s (7, 3 mil people) or Hungary‘s (10 mil people).

Romania’s Music Industry Today

Bucharest is the capital city of Romania (over 2mil people living here), enjoying an effervescent nightlife with many live music clubs, of all genres from EDM to metal. There are also many live music clubs all around the country in all the main cities. Around the country there are also lots of theatres and other small venues with capacities ranging between 300 – 700 and other larger venues housing between 1500 and 11000.

All three major record companies are now represented there. Sony and Warner have local licensees and Universal even has its own office. There are a few independent labels such as Hahaha Production, Global Records and DeMoga as well as a thriving and powerful underground scene. There are over 20 major radio stations and networks the main two being CHR (3 in Top 5) and 5 music TV station (local).

Also, Romania now has a wealth of festivals of different sizes and genres. UNTOLD Festival was awarded Best European Major Festival in 2015, after just its first edition.

Get to Know Our Romanian Partners

Mastering The Music Business Conference is the first music business conference ever organized in Romania, now at its second edition. It is dedicated to all independent artists & professionals in the music industry from Romania and abroad.

At its first edition back in 2016, for the first time in Romania, key professionals from both the local and international music industry’s came together to discuss common topics. The likes of artists, business managers, PR agents, online & digital specialists, advertisers, radio people, publishers and writers, all shared and exchanged ideas under the same roof.

The second edition will take place on July 10th and 11th in Bucharest. Guest speakers will be mainly Romanian artists and managers along with international professionals from around the world.

Here’s what’s been proposed for the second edition:

Panels and presentations from key industry professionals from Romania and abroad. Workshops covering key topics on how to monetize music at all levels – recorded or live,     online and offline.

MMB Showcase – Each day will end with a showcase session with independent artists and bands from Romania and abroad performing in one of the most important live clubs in Bucharest – Fratelli.

MMB Extended – On July 12, one of the most important independent production companies in Romania, Hahaha Production, will host a series of songwriting and production workshops in their studios. One of Romania’s leading songwriters,  Serban Cazan, shall be attending.

We’re looking forward to the hearing from Lucas about the second edition of this growing conference and shall be keeping you guys up to date with what goes on when he’s over there and recommend you head down too!

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