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Music Gateway are proud to tell you we have teamed up with Metable to offer up 5 Annual Pro Level for Metable and 5 Annual Pro Level for Music Gateway!

Who Are Metable?

Metable is a catalogue and rights management platform for the music industry. They provide the tools for record labels, artist managers and music publishers to easily manage their catalogue as well as deliver to their partners in industry standard formats.

As the music industry is changing rapidly, from CDs to digital distribution, there has been an increase in the reliance of data. This has left the industry struggling to keep up with the increasing use and requirement of their data.

Metable solves this problem as they provide a single platform for rights holders to store their data and content. With Metable you only have to enter your data once onto their database, then they will export it and deliver it to their partners. You can also register your works and recordings through Metable with rights societies, including PRS, PPL, BASCA, Harry Fox, SoundExchange and many more.

You can find this opportunity here.

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