Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Soul Playlist

Written by Music Gateway Team

20 August 2018

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Music is food for the soul, just like soul music is food for artist. Like love, it sustains the creative fire in each and every one of us, something the dearly departed Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin knew all to well. Here’s to you, your Majesty, this is Soul Sessions.

Featuring amazing tracks from  Marlene Hill, YaBoyJoon, Woo Childand more!

We started making Friday Playlists to showcase the huge range of genres and styles that we work with, and to show off just how talented our members are. We search through all of the music we receive and pick only the best submissions, so if you think you’ve got what it takes and want to be featured on next week’s playlist, go here.

Don’t have your music on Spotify? You can still make a playlist using our professional playlist tool! Read our FAQ on getting started

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