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Closing Date: Oct 13th 2018

Red Bull Records is a full-service independent record label dedicated to long-term artist development, with a diverse roster across a variety of musical genres.

We are seeking an experienced music publicist to oversee media campaigns for our recording artists and label.

The position will be responsible for managing multiple campaigns and requires a motivated self-starter.


  • Create and manage overall PR strategy for each of our recording artists
  • Pitch and solicit national and regional press coverage for artists across all media outlets including print, online and TV
  • Secure press attendance and coverage at live shows, festivals and events, book press days when band is in market
  • Hire and manage relationships with external PR firms where applicable in the US, EU/UK and ROW
  • Coordinate all global press requests, schedule phone and email interviews with artists and maintain working knowledge of global press outlets and targets for each campaign
  • Write press releases, media alerts and other materials for artists
  • Send weekly press reports to internal and external teams
  • Oversee company PR strategy and manage corporate PR inquiries and requests
  • Manage efforts and synergies with brand communication personnel globally, deliver assets and schedule interviews for various brand verticals, provide monthly label highlights for brand newsletters
  • Clear and upload assets to Red Bull’s B2B site, maintain Red Bull Records Media Room


  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Self-motivated and able to follow through on assigned responsibilities as well as be able to think ahead and utilize problem-solving abilities
  • Strong ability to represent company brand

Experience: 5+ years of experience at an agency or record label with strong industry contacts across all media outlets including print, online and TV

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Location: West Hollywood, CA

Travel: Required when necessary

Salary: Competitive salary commensurate with experience; full benefits

Resumes to:

Location: LONDON, UK
Closing Date: Oct 19th 2018

You will oversee the National Radio campaigns for a broad roster, working closely with the Senior Radio Promotions Manager at all times. You will also work alongside the Head of TV Promotions to help them implement TV Promotions campaigns. You will initiate, coordinate and implement the promotional strategy for artists on your roster in conjunction with the Senior Radio Promotions Manager.


  • Develop & maintain relationships with producers, music teams & presenters across a full range of National Radio stations via regular phone contact, combined with meetings.
  • Develop & maintain relationships with artists management & external labels.
  • Work closely with all internal & external teams to maximise artist’s potential across all National Radio channels.
  • Keep up to date with all new and existing promotional opportunities across National Radio.
  • Book impactful & strategic promotional opportunities across National Radio for artists.
  • Oversee the organisation and execution of promotional opportunities across National radio.
  • Create & consult on radio edits where appropriate.
  • Maintain awareness of Radio industry trends.
  • Maintain awareness of presenter tastes & trends.
  • Provide regular, thorough updates to internal & external teams.
  • Create radio single timelines for artists in conjunction with the Senior Radio Promotions Manager, applying promotional strategy to all National Radio campaigns.
  • Get key radio contacts to see showcases/live gigs; arrange appropriate hospitality for contacts around said events.
  • Creating promotional assets for physical mailouts (where appropriate).
  • Maintain a broad knowledge of Social Media opportunities to assure maximum utilisation of National Radio promotion.
  • Ensure online coverage on the relevant websites when radio promotion is booked and circulate it to the relevant internal teams.
  • Help manage artist promotion budgets in conjunction with the Senior Radio Promotions Manager.
  • Attend the weekly Caroline Intl planning meeting as well as individual artist meetings, reporting on the radio plot for the relevant artists, commenting on forthcoming opportunities, and contributing ideas to all aspects of the campaign.
  • Clip & distribute spot plays to relevant teams.
  • Help maintain TV contacts database in conjunction with the Head of TV Promotions.
  • Assist the Head of TV Promotions with artist promotional bookings.
  • Oversee servicing of video content to TV platforms in conjunction with the Head of TV Promotions. Including: ingestion of videos to Promostream and Video Submission Forms.


  • Previous relevant experience in the music industry.
  • Good understanding of National Radio campaigns.
  • A strong list of contacts across National Radio.
  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal.
  • Excellent organisation skills and attention to detail.
  • Efficient and able to work independently to a high standard.
  • The ability to learn quickly and use own initiative.
  • Ability to remain calm when working under pressure and to deadlines.
  • Flexible and able to prioritise a large workload.
  • Hard working and enthusiastic team player.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to deal with the routine tasks as well as the more interesting aspects of the role.
  • Keen to develop within the field of Radio & TV PR.
  • Passion for music and understanding of how UK media works.
  • Passion to maintain & create new relationships.
  • Comfortable in a networking environment.
  • Be confident – have a voice and be able to communicate ideas.


  • Record company experience, particularly in a Promotions department.
  • Willingness to attend regular gigs.

Follow this link if you want to learn how to apply for this opportunity.

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