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Soft, Emotional Female Led Indie Ballads needed for Huge TV Series $1K

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This is a music licensing opportunity known as a Sync Licensing. By submitting tracks, you have a chance to get your music in front of music supervisors who work on the music place in films, TV shows, advertising, video games and more.


We are looking for tracks for a returning US TV Series. This series has been running for a number of years and has a huge young, international audience
The type of tracks we are looking for should be soft, emotional ballads with a female vocal. We don’t want anything too clean or over produced. The ideal track would be relatively stripped back, with a strong vocals not the vocals
In terms of Production, sweeping large reverbs on the vocals to create a large amount of space and atmosphere would work best here. Possibly strings however we don’t want anything overtly dramatic or in your face. The tracks can build to a certain extent but only too a point.
Just to reiterate, the price given is an estimate and the actual ammount will be given upon succesful placement.

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