Pro Member Danny McLauchlan Reviews London Sync Sessions 2015

Written by Mary Woodcock

27 October 2015

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Last week we were proud to be one of the sponsors of Metropolis Studios at their first ever London Sync Sessions event. It was a great few days at Metropolis with leading industry members discussing and advising on all this sync. Songwriter and Producer, Danny McLauchlan was able to perform at the sessions after securing a slot through the Music Gateway platform. He was able to write a piece for us on the event.

London Sync Sessions – Danny McLauchlan

I spent three eye-opening days at the London Sync Sessions at Metropolis Studios last week. An event hosted by an amazing team of people at Metropolis. It involved a wealth of interesting panels and talks on everything in the world of music synchronization. On top of that, there was live music, pizza, beer and everything else that makes a networking event run smoothly.

As a Songwriter and Producer, I have been writing, performing and recording music since I can remember. Music sync is something that everyone who writes should get involved in. It’s a no-brainer when you think about the current state of the industry and how difficult it is to actually earn enough money to pay rent and eat. For those of you who are unaware as to what music synchronisation is, it’s simply placing your music in film, TV, games, radio and anything else that can have music playing behind it, on top of it or anywhere near it. The best part is, as the writer of the music, you receive a royalty every time it’s played.

Thanks to the incredible people of Music Gateway I was selected to play a live set on the 2nd day of the event in front of the event attendees and panellists. This was a first-class opportunity for an unsigned Songwriter like myself to gain some exposure and meet some awesome people. I played just after lunch along with three other insanely talented musicians (Chris Simmons, Anjelo Disons and Malory Torr) and there was a decent crowd of people enjoying the music and of course networking.

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