PROJECT OPPORTUNITY – Hip-Hop Rapper/Singer Needed For Quite Simply A Brilliant Track

Written by Mary Woodcock

23 October 2013

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What I love the most about working at Music Gateway is when I really do get excited about the projects that I see through the site. Sometimes I hear a song and think “This is great!” I also realise that the right collaboration on these projects really can make all the difference! So today I really want this project to explode therefore I am personally letting you know about it.

I bring your attention to RJK. He is looking for a male or female singer/rapper to collaborate on his track and to bring their ideas to the table. He states there is a blank page for lyrics so listen to the track, get a feel for it and let yourself go!

I just generally really like the sound of this track, its powerful and emotional and I like in particular how the track is produced and how it features a full band but with the hip/hop elements that just make it great.

Right, enough of me talking… the project has 13 days left for you to pitch on and I URGE you ALL to get on this. This track has potential.

Here is the link:

Good Luck!

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