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SoGuru and Music Gateway £400 marketing and Pro Level Unlimited Opportunity

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Music Gateway have teamed up with SoGuru to give you the opportunity to win £400 worth of SoGuru marketing as well a Music Gateway Pro Level Unlimited upgrade!


Who are SoGuru?

SoGuru are a boutique social media and digital PR group. They help artists who need help building their social profile and engaging their fan base. While you focus on making your music, SoGuru focuses on the social media side and helps you develop a strong PR strategy to promote your music.

In this day and age social media is at the core and strength of every artists fanbase as social proof is now the new marketing tool. SoGuru know how to help people in the music industry and build relationships that are the cornerstone of a growing fan base.

They specialise in social media tactics and strategies creating an early buzz and increasing exposure with the view of achieving and maintain a loyal fan base. They pride themselves on maintaining high standards of personalised client care.


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