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The Voice UK’s Finalist Matt Henry with a Project on Music Gateway!

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When I first watched The Voice UK a few years ago, I remember thinking that the idea behind the auditions was pretty awesome. They only judged the voice of the contestant and it was all based on the way someone’s voice can make you feel, even if you haven’t seen them. This just reminded me of the power music has over people and how you know a great voice when you hear it. Well Matt Henry has one of those voices.

The 35-year-old singer comes from a West End Musical performance background and reached the finals of Series 2 of The Voice UK. He is now working on his debut album which will be funded by a Pledge Music campaign. Through the Music Gateway web site Matt wants to find a producer to record his first single, which would support the Pledge campaign. Pitches on the project will be accepted until the 16th Feb 2014 07:34am HERE

If you aren’t registered with us, just sign up, set up your profile and you will be able to pitch on this project. We wish luck to all the talented producers and cannot wait to hear the finished product!

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