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Want To Party With Us In Ibiza 2014? Here’s How!

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You may have seen that we have started Crowd funding. You also may know that crowd funding also means PERKS! What we mean by this is that for your investment in us means you don’t just get a shared 15% equity of our company but a range of other goodies to smile about too!

Depending on how much you invest you will be able to claim the following great perks which range from free pro-level accounts to partying down with us in Ibiza in May 2014!

Here are the following perks:

Invest £250 and get

Stage 1. 12 month Pro Level Account for free

Invest £500 and get

Stage 2. 3 x 12 month Pro Level Account for free

Invest £1,500 and get

Stage 3. LIFE Pro Level Account for free – You’ll always be covered!

Invest £5,000 and get

Stage 4. Gain access to various events where Music Gateway receives VIP invites – who knows what we may get offered? But you’ll have an invite!

Invest £10,000 and get

Stage 5. Invitation to meet the founder and directors plus a lunch in London – Come wine and dine!

Invest £25,000 and get

Stage 6. All of the above plus a free invitation to join our directors in Ibiza at the International Music Summit in May 2014.

But the ONLY way to be eligible to receive these perks is to GET INVESTING! So click here to get involved! Plus the more we grow the better we can benefit you all out there through new project features (which we are yet to launch) and generally expand our offering to you through increased users of all professional levels meaning the most exciting opportunities will become available to you! It’s never been easier to connect with the industry than now so help us help you.

Need a bit of visual re-assurance on us? Well here is CEO & Founder of Music Gateway Jon Skinner in our pitch video below!

Please spread the word in any way you can about our crowdfunding campaign by sharing this blog, tweeting about us and generally telling everyone you know. Be part of something BIG!

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