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Who are Music Gateway & How Can We Help You?

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In the creative industries, productivity is everything and everywhere, working at 500 miles per hour, so being effective whilst being creative can be an absolute nightmare.

Everyone’s looking for more creative time, everyone’s looking for more exposure for their work and everyone’s on the move whilst they’re trying to do it. It’s that classic problem of time, money and resource, we all wish we had more.

Who are Music Gateway and how can we help you?

Music Gateway is designed by creative professionals for creative professionals. We provide an area for you to manage your existing music and manage your creative projects in one place. The project side, is a pool of talent where like-minded creatives, such as artists, songwriters, labels, publishers and more can not only manage their projects but can collaborate, connect, pitch and find or license work, all in one place.  We also act as an agent for members who are looking for sync representation.

The brainchild of CEO Jon Skinner, Music Gateway was first created back in 2009. We were the world’s first dedicated project management tool for music industry projects. Now, several years on, Music Gateway provides a dedicated workspace for you to create and manage projects, connect with others and pitch your creations on a global playing field and is the only all-in-one solution for creatives – all with the sole purpose of making your life easier, meaning you can concentrate on letting those creative juices flow!

…But how do we do this, I hear you ask?

Put simply – helping you to get signed, find talent and license music as well as managing your media files for any external work.

Once you’re part of our community (you can find out more about our different membership options here) you get access to a variety of remote working tools, designed to help you with your music endeavours.

In one platform, you can create project areas to manage your work from start to finish. So, from the initial collaboration (with anyone across the globe) to the file transfer (with a massive size limit and the meta descriptions included!), to the playlist creation (the perfect tool for showcasing your work for sync and song placements), it’s all there for you to use.

Our ultimate goal is to empower creatives, further our communities careers and generate opportunity and access worldwide.

Music Gateway 2.0

At Music Gateway, we unequivalently believe that being creative and balancing business should go hand in hand.

In October 2017 we turned a good service into a great service with a complete redesign, as well as a bespoke file storage system, audio library, metadata management that meets the standards set by The Guild of Music Supervisors and much more. Making it the ultimate tool for any creative and the only place where you can manage all your work in one space.

For us, the key is being able to give back and reward people who are supporting and joining us along our journey and talk to other creatives that get what we are trying to achieve. We continue to work around the clock to pull together amazing opportunities and share our vision for a more connected music industry .

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