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Win a FREE Radio Internet Campaign Worth $400!

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We have a very exciting opportunity for Music Gateway users thanks to our friends at With a prize worth $400, now why wouldn’t you be interested?

If you are a band that has just released an album, or an artist who is touring in support of an album, or maybe you are a new artist trying to get their music out there. Well this is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that!

Let’s take a look at what you can win below:


Free radio internet campaign for 1 winner (1,000 spins for 4 weeks)
A 3 month Pro Level subscription on Music Gateway


3 month Pro Level subscription on Music Gateway each

How do I enter this competition I hear you ask? Head over to the project here and do the following:

Pitch on the project with a £0 amount
Tell us why you think you should win the 1st prize when you pitch
Make sure your profile is complete, as these will be reviewed
Once reviewed we will give you access to the workspace where you will upload a maximum of 2 files

PR2Promo is a full service PR Boutique dedicated to developing the career of independent musicians and providing the necessary guidance and promotion needed to develop a professional career in music. They have worked with successful artist such as Taylor Swift, Tyga and Trinidad James and are able to provide a number of services to artists in a tailored way.

They will develop a professional game plan that is tailored to the individual artist and see it as highly important to educate artists on the business side of the competitive industry and provide a platform where all goals can be accomplished. So if you want radio play, social media promotion, blog and magazine placements and meetings with top A&R reps then they are the people to approach.

Visit PR2Promo and find out more.

Don’t forget to enter the competition now!

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