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Music Industry Opportunity: Gospel and Soul Tracks for a Returning TV Show

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 March 2018

We are looking for tracks for a returning TV Show going into it’s 3rd Season.

Music Industry Opportunity: Aggressive Driving Alternative Rock Tracks for US TV Series

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 March 2018

We are looking for tracks for US TV Series which is returning for its 3rd Season.

Music Industry Opportunity: URGENT – Authentic Pre 1979 Greek Music Needed

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 March 2018

We are looking for authentic Greek tracks from no later than 1979 to be licensed for a £2000 budget.

Music Industry Opportunity: URGENT £150 All In – Electronic, Upbeat Quirky Style Tracks

Author Mary Woodcock  |  16 March 2018

This is an URGENT Deadline, we are looking to send this by 17:00 GMT Friday 16th March so make sure to submit as soon as possible.

Music Industry Opportunity: Country/Americana Needed For Showcase

Author Mary Woodcock  |  15 March 2018

We are looking for Country and Americana bands/artists from anywhere in the world for potential showcases in both London and Nashville.

New Music Industry Opportunity: Soft Acoustic Folk/Pop with Country Elements Needed

Author Mary Woodcock  |  13 March 2018

We are looking for tracks for a returning TV Show going into it’s 3rd Season. This show has a rural setting and the music should be in keeping with this.

Music Industry Opportunity: URGENT – Dreamy Emotive Indie Songs & Compositions Needed

Author Mary Woodcock  |  09 March 2018

We’re looking for a driving track that makes people feel something. The track should be emotive and provoking in the same way classical music does, but with contemporary instrumentation.

Music Industry Opportunity: URGENT – Balkan Ska and Kelzmer Ska Needed for TV Series

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 March 2018

We’re currently looking for music for a well known UK TV series. We’re looking to send submissions before 16:00 GMT Today the 8th of March 2018. Genre-wise we’re looking...

Music Industry Opportunity: URGENT – Unreleased Tropical, Exotic Pop Tracks Needed for Asian Artists

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 March 2018

This is an URGENT Project. We are looking to send this by 10:00 GMT 10th March so make sure you submit your tracks before the cut off or they will NOT be considered.

Music Producer Opportunity: Make Waves with this fantastic deal on DAW plugins

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 March 2018

Digital Audio Workstation plugin provider, Waves have a a great offer for Music Gateway members.

Get your original songs heard and make connections with key Music Industry players

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 March 2018

The Song Academy is now taking submissions for its Young Songwriter 2018 competition. If your aged 8 to 18 with some great original songs and want to get discovered to create a sustainable career...

FairSquare’s Music for the UK Markets ears!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 February 2018

Our friends at FairSquare might not be what you would call the normal link to the rock and roll music industry lifestyle, but there might just be a bit more of a connection than you think.

Bros Documentary Film 2018 – Sync Licensing Placement

Author Mary Woodcock  |  04 January 2018

Congratulations to Roland Kluger in their recent sync licensing placement via Music Gateway

From Funk to Rock to Hip Hop, Check Out Our Big Budget Briefs

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 October 2017

Fresh from yesterdays launch, the briefs have been rolling in, check out the latest opportunities available here.

NextGen Competition: What kind of music can I submit?

Author Sophie Small  |  15 September 2017

Introducing our competition “NextGen” where we want to inspire young people to be creative and discovered by the worlds finest industry professionals. If you are between 14-23 from any...

20 Winning Schools Across the Nation Who Support Creative Talent

Author Sophie Small  |  14 September 2017

We believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way… It’s time to encourage creativity even further and let youth with talent thrive in the best way. All...

Tyler Shamy’s Sync Placement in Honey 4 (Universal Pics) via Music Gateway

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 September 2017

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve placed Tyler Shamy’s track Work You Out in the hotly anticipated Universal / 1440 Entertainment production Honey 4. Read about Tyler and...

NextGen Competition – FAQ & Rules

Author Jon Skinner  |  08 September 2017

Please see below our NextGen competition FAQ & Rules. You can find further terms and conditions for the use of the site via the link in our website footer.

NextGen Competition – The Winner’s Prize

Author Jon Skinner  |  08 September 2017

Introducing NextGen – Let your talent be heard. This free competition is brought to you by the Music Gateway team. The contest will be open to all young people who perform music (musicians,...

NextGen Competition – Meet the VIP Judges

Author Jon Skinner  |  08 September 2017

Find out all about our 24 VIP judges working across Music, TV & Film. These music VIP’s have the influence and ability to open the floodgates to success, and are vying with each other...