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Author Mary Woodcock  |  16 June 2015

Our friends at It’s A Promo Thing are offering Music Gateway Users over £600 worth of promotional services! Although it can be rewarding, there can be many challenges to being an independent...

Inflyte Are Offering Three Users One Month Trials With MG Pro Level

Author Mary Woodcock  |  14 May 2015

Inflyte brings the power of promo to the palm of your hand. The mobile-first app is a platform for record labels that need to send watermarked pre-released content to music industry tastemakers...

FabFilter Release Project with Free Giveaway’s on Music Gateway

Author Mary Woodcock  |  17 March 2015

If you haven’t heard of FabFilter before, I suggest you climb out from under your rock and take a good breath of fresh air. Famous for their sleek designs and usability, their plugins also boast...

OMG! Are those hand drawn letters? – Getting your Artwork Designed

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 March 2015

The first thing that I used to do when I purchased an album, cassette or CD ALWAYS has been to hold the vessel for these various physical formats directly in my eager hands. I relished the...

Sam Smith, Pharrell Williams & Mark Ronson – The 2015 Brit Award Nominee’s and their commonalities

Author Sophie Small  |  26 February 2015

So, the best faces and behind the scenes professionals of British pop swarmed to the 02 Arena in London yesterday to congratulate and commiserate the Brit Award nominees. It involved a slightly...

Expansion, Growth and New Opportunities – The Skies the Limit!

Author Sophie Small  |  18 February 2015

So, we doubled the company value (round of applause, followed by bows and murmured thank you’s!). We did actually announce this last week but we wanted to give you an insight into why this is as...

Bitcoin Opening Doors For Musicians

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 February 2015

Musicians are known for being early adopters of new technologies, but how might the bitcoin technology benefit the musician community? The potential of a global single currency that remains...

Producers, it’s time to get creative – Introducing Momma D

Author Mary Woodcock  |  02 February 2015

We have a really exciting project up for grabs to collaborate with two female vocalists, one being Momma D, a 16 year old singer songwriter originally from Madeira Portugal.

Making money as a self managed Music Teacher –

Author Mary Woodcock  |  12 January 2015

There’s no doubt the industry is changing, but one of the lesser talked about changes is the over saturation of musicians and number of people trying to get into the industry; a glut of...

Acquiring Exclusive Content for Sync Licensing Placements

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 December 2014

A music supervision and licensing firm is seeking out new music to be used for synchronisation deals. With previous clients such as MTV and the makers of Breaking Bad, this is an opportunity not...

Seeking Catalogues / Independent Music for Major Distribution in Korea

Author Mary Woodcock  |  10 December 2014

We’re pleased to be working with a major distribution company in South Korea with more than 30 years’ experience working with clients across Europe and the US, they are now looking for new...

$400 Worth of Premium Sinevibes Plugins On Offer

Author Mary Woodcock  |  24 November 2014

Music Gateway have teamed up with Sinevibes to give our users an opportunity to receive up to $400 worth of plugins! Three lucky users will receive a copy of Sinevibes’ plugins Molecule,...

£300 Distribution Available Courtesy of Ditto Music!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  03 October 2014

Music Gateway have teamed up with Ditto Music to give you the opportunity to win £300 worth of distribution!

SoGuru and Music Gateway £400 marketing and Pro Level Unlimited Opportunity

Author Mary Woodcock  |  01 October 2014

Music Gateway have teamed up with SoGuru to give you the opportunity to win £400 worth of SoGuru marketing as well a Music Gateway Pro Level Unlimited upgrade!

Giveaways, Collaboration, Label and Publishing Opportunities- This Week on Music Gateway 26/9/14

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 September 2014

Hey guys and girls! Hope everyone has had a great week. Here is a selection of this week’s best projects and opportunities:

How Metable Can Make Your Life Easier

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 September 2014

Music Gateway are proud to tell you we have teamed up with Metable to offer up 5 Annual Pro Level for Metable and 5 Annual Pro Level for Music Gateway!

Get your Album analysed by HitLogic and featured in the MG blog!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 September 2014

We’ve teamed up with the friendly faces at HitLogic, part of Tunehog, to bring you this great opportunity to have your songs analysed by the world’s most in depth music brain to help you market...

Gigslutz are looking for hot new unsigned artists to feature!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  12 September 2014

We’ve teamed up with the lads at Gigslutz to bring you this amazing opportunity to get interviewed and talk about the music you so love making!

BPM @ NEC – A ‘Dream World’ for Producers & Music Tech Heads

Author Mary Woodcock  |  12 September 2014

It’s not hard to tell why each year herds and herds of aspiring producers, DJ’s, performers, promoters, venue owners, equipment retailers, technicians, record labels – the list goes on...

360 Magazine are Looking for Talented Artists to feature!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 September 2014

Edgy Fashion, Lifestyle + Culture Magazine 360 Magazine are looking for a talented and cutting edge artist to feature in their online & print magazine!