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Music Industry Jobs – ENHANCED (A&R), BELIEVE (Label Manager), KOBALT (Analyst)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  10 September 2018

Enhanced Music is looking for an A&R to join the team in London. You will be working on our existing roster of artists as well as being responsible for searching out and signing new artists...

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Funk It Up!

Author Music Gateway Team  |  07 September 2018

When you’re grooving down the streets, or jamming at the beach, feeling all that heat from that funky beat, fill your cup. When you need the courage to strut your stuff, that’s when...

Music Industry Jobs – SXSW (Project Man.), AWAL (Sr. Man.), MERLIN (Opperations Man.)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  03 September 2018

The Special Projects Manager will oversee a number of high-level strategic partnership and project management duties across the SXSW events.

Music Industry Jobs – ROYAL ALBERT HALL (Coordinator), STEINBERG (Sales), AMP (Bookings)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  03 September 2018

The Royal Albert Hall is one of the world’s most iconic entertainment venues, with an unrivalled history of events and performances from world-class artists.

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Back to School

Author Music Gateway Team  |  31 August 2018

It can be a sad time, it can be an exciting time. The death of Summer thrills but the dawn of Autumn gold. What will you be this year? What will they learn when you say good bye at the gates? Feel...

Music Industry Jobs – WARNER (Label), SOUND PERFORMANCE (Sales Exe.), EVERYBODY’S MGMT (Assis.)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  28 August 2018

The Label Management department provides creative and logistical support to our independent label partners, helping them to develop projects from a commercial marketing perspective.

Music Industry Jobs – AMAZON MUSIC (Hip-Hop), CIRCUS RECORDS (Label Ass.), FBMM (Account Ass.)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  28 August 2018

Amazon is looking for an experienced professional to work with key members of the hip hop community, including: artists, managers, attorneys, agents, and producers to facilitate increased...

Music Industry Jobs – STRONGROOM STUDIOS (Booking Coordinator), KOBALT (Label Director)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  28 August 2018

Strongroom Studios are looking for a self-motivated and organised Bookings Coordinator and Receptionist to join their team at the East London based recording studio.

Music Industry Jobs – ZILDJIAN (Social), NAPSTER (Head of Product), ONE RPM (Partent Rel.)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 August 2018

The Zildjian Company has been synonymous with setting the standard for the development and manufacture of high performance musical instruments since 1623.

Music Industry Jobs – SECRETLY (Project Manager), ORCHARD (Marketing), SXSW (Festival Programmer)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 August 2018

Secretly Group is looking for a motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic Project Manager to join its London team. 2-4 years of music industry experience are essential. The candidate must have a...

Music Industry Jobs – AWAL (Community Support), HELP MUSICIANS (Social), KOBALT (Mechanical Assist.)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  20 August 2018

AWAL serves a growing roster of emerging talent and already established independent artists from all over the world.

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Soul Playlist

Author Music Gateway Team  |  20 August 2018

Music is food for the soul, just like soul music is food for artist. Like love, it sustains the creative fire in each and every one of us, something the dearly departed Queen of Soul, Aretha...

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Summer Lovin’

Author Music Gateway Team  |  17 August 2018

It’s an immortal pairing summer and love made eternal by the bard and made ethereal by decades of pure gold pop. Now it’s our turn, check out this great of our members summer love...

Music Industry Jobs – SOUNDCLOUD (Director), ATO RECORDS (Label Publicist), UMG (Comm. Manager)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  13 August 2018

What’s next in music happens on SoundCloud first. As the world’s largest open audio platform, SoundCloud is powered by a connected community of creators, listeners and curators who share, discover...

Music Industry Jobs – DEF (P.A.), MPA GROUP (Financial Accountant)

Author Music Gateway Team  |  13 August 2018

Established and dynamic music management company is looking for a P.A./Office Administrator to support the director and his small team to ensure the smooth and professional running of the office...

Music Industry Jobs – SLAM DUNK (PA), KOBALT (Royalties), HANDLE (Label Manager)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  13 August 2018

Experienced PA required for an excellent career making opportunity working with the Director of a leading music event’s company based in Leeds. This position requires an excellent organiser and...

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Around the World in 80 Plays

Author Music Gateway Team  |  10 August 2018

From Paris to Berlin in every disco you will get in with our world wide playlist, music makes the world go round after all so get round it with this collection of corkers. It’s around the...

The Music Gateway 24 hour Flash Sale

Author Music Gateway Team  |  08 August 2018

As a special offer to say thanks for taking an interest in Music Gateway and for a limited time only we’re offering £20 (€20/$26) of extra credit for anyone who’s signed up...

Music Industry Jobs – SYMPHONIC (Marketing ) + DW & ASSOCIATES (Assistant TA)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 August 2018

Symphonic Distribution is a 100% independent music distribution and marketing company with headquarters in Tampa, FL. We focus on distributing electronic, hip-hop, and urban music in general. We...

Music Industry Jobs – REPUBLIC (Media Manager), KOBALT (Investments), CC YOUNG (Assistant)

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 August 2018

Kobalt is seeking a Manager, Investments in New York to be highly involved with the deal process as our company continues to grow. The Manager will be responsible for the investment evaluation of...