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Best JP-8000 Emulation

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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First of all, let’s just tell you a little about the JP-8000 emulation original keyword synth.

JP-8000 Emulation

About The JP-8000 Emulation

The JP-8000 is a synthesizer manufactured by Roland Corporation in 1996 and one of the best analog synths of its time. It is a virtual analog synthesizer that is known for its distinctive sound and is widely used in a variety of genres, from dance and electronic music to film scores. The JP-8000 has been emulated by various software companies, allowing users to create the same sounds as the original hardware without needing to own the actual instrument. 

These emulations are often considered to be more accurate than the original, and some users even prefer them over the original hardware. The JP-8000 emulation software typically includes a range of features which allow the user to replicate the sound of the original hardware. These features include a range of oscillators, filters, envelopes and effects, as well as a user-friendly interface for creating and editing sounds. 

The software also allows users to save their patches and share them with other users, allowing them to collaborate on sounds and ideas. Overall, the JP-8000 emulation software is an excellent way to replicate the sound of the original hardware without needing to own the actual instrument. 

It is a great tool for producers and musicians who want to create the same sounds as the original without having to invest in the actual hardware.

What we recommend as the best emulation is ….

JP-8000 Emulation

The JP6K is a virtual synthesizer developed by Adam Szabo / Native Instruments. It is based on the classic Roland JP-8000 synthesizer but with a modern analog emulation twist. 

The JP6K VST plugin features a powerful 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer engine, a range of classic and modern effects, and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. 

It also includes a range of preset sounds, including supersaw sounds, as well as the ability to create your sounds. The JP6K is a great choice for producers and musicians who are looking for a versatile and powerful synthesizer. With its wide range of features and sounds, it can be used in a variety of musical genres and styles.

Which you can find here.


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