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Free Animoog Presets Download

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Tasmin Tricker


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Animoog Presets are a collection of synthesizer sounds and patches created by Moog Music Inc. for the Animoog app. They are designed to give users a wide range of sonic possibilities and range from classic Moog sounds to modern and experimental sounds.

They are typically used to give a song a unique sound or to create a certain mood. Animoog Presets can also be used to quickly create a soundscape or atmosphere for a track.

The presets are designed to be easy to use and provide a wide range of sounds and effects. The presets include a variety of sounds such as bass, leads, pads and arpeggios, as well as a selection of effects like distortion, chorus and delay. The presets are organized into categories such as “Funk”, “Synthwave” and “Ambient”, so you can quickly find the sound you’re looking for. Additionally, the presets can be edited to create your own unique sounds.


The presets are of high quality, sound unique and are easy to use/customize. They can be used as-is or tweaked to create unique sounds. They are a great way to get started with the Animoog synthesizer and explore its capabilities.

Click here for a free Animoog presets download.


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