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Linux IR Loader Plugin

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Music Gateway Team


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linux ir loader

This plugin offers highly efficient, real-time, zero-latency convolution of the input signal. It can be used as a cabinet emulator, an equalizer or a reverb simulation plugin. All that is required is an audio file with an impulse response taken from a linear system (such as a cabinet, equalizer or hall/room).


The Bypass switch, when turned on (LED indicator is shining), allows the plugin to bypass the signal while still performing processing.

The FFT frame (Fast Fourier Transform) can be used for time-continuous convolution and has a maximum size. 

The File selector can be used to load additional files that can be taken as impulse responses for one of the audio channels.

The IR Equalizer enables Wet Signal Equalization in an extra section of the UI. This section allows users to Head Cut, Tail Cut, Fade In and Fade Out impulse files. 

Head Cutting removes milliseconds from the beginning of the impulse files to remove early reflections of reverb, while Tail Cutting removes milliseconds from the end to remove large reverberation tails.

Fading In and Out adds additional fading at the start and end of the impulse file respectively.

“Listen” provides a way for users to preview audio files before making changes.

The Source offers a combination of features to select the file channel to use for convolution, indicated by an active LED. It also provides a pre-delay feature which adds a specific amount of delay to the processed signal, enabling you to individually control pre-delay for each channel in a stereo pair, creating additional stereo effects with reverb. Furthermore, it has makeup gain that can be used to individually control the processed signal for each channel and dry/wet/output gain which adds extra gain to the unprocessed and processed signals as well as output respectively.

Click here for a free download link to the Linux IR Loader Plugin.


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