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Music Production

The Best Free LFO Plugin Mac

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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So before we begin, what exactly is LFO?

Low-Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) are a type of signal generator used to create a repeating waveform. They are used to modulate the parameters of other signals such as pitch, volume, or filter cutoff. 

LFOs can be used to create tremolo, vibrato, and other effects. They are typically used in synthesizers, samplers, and effects processors. LFOs usually have a frequency range from 0.1 Hz to several hundred Hz.

These VST LFO tools can be controlled through your midi CC.

Grab yourself these free to download and use LFOs

Wobbles by SubSun here

Wobbles is a simple vibrato plug-in featuring adjustable shape, depth and speed. Chorus and phaser-type effects can also be achieved by using the dry/wet knob.

SimpleSide here

SimpleSide is a simplified volume curve LFO utility. Fast and easy to use, with a visual high pass & LFO curve.

SimpleSide uses a curve to change volume over a temp-synced period. Think of it like a drawable volume LFO.

  • The adjustable-rate temp syncs with the host
  • Adjustable ramp-up or ramp-down for each sub-curve
  • An unlimited number of sub-curves
  • Wet/dry mix knob to adjust the blend of the plugin with the original signal
  • Sample-accurate automation of rate and blend

GLFO here

GLFO is a triple LFO-based VST effect. It is a three configurable LFOs control amplitude, pan and a low-pass filter.

The graphical display helps to visualise the interplay of the LFOs.

Enjoy these free LFOs to enhance your music production.


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