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Music Production

Yeat Preset Review & Where To Buy

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Yeat Vocal Preset is an audio plugin designed to help vocalists achieve a professional sound. It features a number of different vocal effects that can be used to enhance the sound of a vocal performance. 

Yeat Preset

What Is The Yeat Preset?

The plugin includes equalization, compression, reverb, delay, de-essing, and pitch correction. It also includes a vocal enhancer, which can be used to add warmth and clarity to vocals. 

The plugin includes a range of presets. These can be used to quickly and easily apply to a particular sound to a vocal performance. 

The plugin is easy to use and can be used to achieve a professional-sounding vocal performance with minimal effort. You can check other stock plugins from their range below.

Yeat Preset Plugins

FL Studio:

The FL Studio Yeat vocal preset has 3 versions, the default version is a mixer track preset. It’s fully hands-on and fully customizable. The plugin version is our custom-made plugin that is made to make the process more fun and easier. It’s still customizable but limited to the essentials. The last version is a bundle where you can get both of them.

Pro Tools:

The Pro Tools Yeat vocal preset is the official main preset ported over to pro tools for you to use! It’s a track preset that’s fully customizable from front to back. The possibilities are endless.

Logic Pro:

The vocal preset is the official Yeat Preset over to Logic Pro for you to use! It’s a channel strip setting that’s fully customizable from front to back. The possibilities are endless.

Where To Buy

We would recommend you purchase one here. Price: $34.99

Summary – Yeat Preset

So that was our article on the Yeat Preset audio plugin, which will help you create some incredible vocal sounds.

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You can always speak to us when you have finished the track. So we can help you distribute and promote it! Please do get in touch today.


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