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Music Publishing

Profiling Sammy Kaplan & Lovelane Music Publishing!

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon



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We’ve been talking with Sammy Kaplan from Lovelane Music, about his Remix Project on Мusic Gateway, placement in the ‘Get on Up’ film about the life of James Brown, and a whole lot more!

Founded in 1960, and featuring some serious classic blues and jazz artists, Sammy has posted a Remix project for Candy Johnson’s ‘Ebony Jump’.

Read on to find out more about Lovelane, and their incredible, timeless catalogue.

How did you get started in publishing?

Lovelane Music Publishing was founded in 1960 in Detroit, Michigan.

I aspired to capture the essence of Detroit R&B, blues, and funk. My father Morris Kaplan founded Danceland Records in the late 1940s.

Lovelane Music’s initial artist and writer roster included John Lee Hooker, Candy Johnson, Tony Blues Lewis, Tommy J. Jefferson, Rose Nelson, Morris Kaplan, Jerry O, Mitch Ryder, The Sea Shells, The Soulmates, Tom & Jerry O, Roy Cohen, Tom Moers, Barbara Lewis, Jimmy Fallon, Gerald Alston, Joe Farrell, and Richard “Popcorn” Wylie.

In addition, the original Funk Brothers (James Jamison, Bennie Benjamin, Robert White, Eddie Bongo Brown, and Jack Ashford) were a part of the recording process on all Lovelane Music demos and records. From this foundation, emerged the great sound of the Boogaloo.

Most importantly, Lovelane Music Publishing represents a commitment to the sound of Detroit and Los Angeles.

John Lee Hooker

So tell us more about Lovelane Music…

Recently I have made a foray into Hip Hop by signing writers and artists from Victor Newman to Nick Speed and into Jazz and Pop, as Lovelane Music publishes compositions by John Fumo, Kenny Hirsch, and Brooke Lizotte. 

Lovelane Music Group has since specialized in Publishing, Licensing Online, Advertising, Internet/FM Radio, and Film/Television placement, Since moving to the City of Dreams, Los Angeles, California, I have been able to have my catalogue featured in films such as “Remember The Titans” (Denzel Washington), “The Bachelor” (Chris O’Donnell), “Bones” (Snoop Dogg), “Resurrecting The Champ” (Samuel L. Jackson), and “Yards” (James Caan, Faye Dunaway), On The Road, and most recently ‘Get On Up’ (the Life story of James Brown).

What do you enjoy the most about working in the music industry?

I have enjoyed building friendships and relationships with some great, wonderful, charming, and memorable people.

What have been the big changes you’ve seen within the industry since you started?

The biggest change I have seen would definitely be the digital impact. It has helped create revenue for the entire catalogue through the digital world. There has been an impact of growth internationally in the last decade and I have been able to share income in many territories with writers.

You mentioned you have a song placed in ‘Get on Up’ the movie about the life of James Brown (coming out Nov 21 in the UK, already out in the USA). How did that come about?

We secured a placement for Candy Johnson’s Ebony Jump in the film through Adam Wolf at Riptide Music. Since this is the original dance music, it fits perfectly with the film, and we thought this would be best for the remix.

You’re looking for remixes at the moment, do you find that there’s a good crossover between these classics and modern-day electronic music?

Yeah, there’s an incredible amount of opportunity with the Lovelane Music catalogue that started in the late 1940s. The Electro Swing / Electro Blues movement has been a great new adventure for the catalogue.

What advice would you give to anyone out there who is aspiring to work as a publisher?

First, it begins with “song sense.” It is the appreciation and ability to understand music. It’s a very creative business. Independent music publisher today has many obligations. The most important is being in contact with the Writer or writers of a song.

Do you have any advice for songwriters who are looking to get published?

My first advice would be to register your work with a P.R.O., a performing rights organization such as BMI and ASCAP (PRS / PPL for the UK). Copyright your music and educate yourself on your responsibilities as a Songwriter.

The second would be to get on board with Мusic Gateway, as you can connect with publishers like us!

What have you been up to recently?

Sammy made a bold move in 2021 by inviting Ron Cobert, a successful advertising and entertainment creative and executive, to create a new corporate structure for Lovelane Music, Lovelane Music Group Inc. ( This new company owns and houses the music catalogs of Lovelane Music, which includes BOOGALOO MUSIC CO, KAPLAN MORRIS R., KAPLAN SAMUEL STUART, LOVELANE MUSIC PUBLISHING, and MYSTICAL MUSIC PUBLISHERS.

Cobert’s expertise in business affairs, branding, media, and tech proved invaluable to developing the new corporate structure. Since the creation of Lovelane Music Group, new additions to the brand have emerged, including increased streams, placements for commercials, feature films, and tv, an online shop of branded apparel and accessories, visual content, and a new TV series in development called Danceland.

The Lovelane brand has seen a rise in awareness, and the legacy of Lovelane Music is intact. According to Sammy Kaplan, “Ron is family. He’s like a son I never had. Knowing him for years, his character, and his accomplishments, I am honored to have him in the mix.” With Ron Cobert’s expertise, Lovelane Music Group will continue to be in the music industry for years.

Thanks for talking with us Sammy, it’s been a pleasure. We’re excited to see what’s next for you and Lovelane Music.


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