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Musical Instruments

The Yamaha C5 Grand Piano & Where To Buy One

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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Yamaha C5

In this article, we will be giving you useful information about the Yamaha C5 piano and where you will be able to purchase it, both in the USA and UK.

The Yamaha C5 Grand Piano is a full-size concert grand piano made by Yamaha Corporation. It is one of the most popular concert grand pianos in the world due to its rich, full-bodied tone, wide dynamic range, and responsive action.

The piano has a length of 6’7″ (2.01m) and a width of 5’2″ (1.57m). It features a solid spruce soundboard, a full-length rib structure, and a three-pedal system. Its tone is characterized by a bright, singing quality and is well-suited for both classical and jazz styles. 

The Yamaha C5 is a popular choice for concert halls and recording studios alike and its sound has been featured on countless recordings.

This piano is a great choice for any aspiring pianist. It is a professional-grade instrument that offers a wide range of tones and dynamics, making it suitable for a variety of musical styles. It also has great action and a beautiful sound, making it a great instrument for both practice and performance. Additionally, the C5 is built to last, so it will be a reliable instrument for years to come.

It is a great choice for any professional musician. It is an excellent instrument for recording, live performance and teaching. The Yamaha C5 Grand Piano is perfect for any setting, from a small studio to a large concert hall.

Where to buy?

Click here to buy in the  USA

Click here to buy in the UK

Summary On Yamaha C5 Grand Piano

For those looking for a professional quality instrument, The Yamaha C5 Grand Piano is an excellent choice. It has a rich, full sound and a great dynamic range. The keys are weighted and balanced, making it easy to play and the action is smooth and responsive. The finish is beautiful and it looks great in any room. It is a fairly expensive instrument, but it is worth the cost.


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