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Music Gateway Partners with Music Jobs UK

By Music Gateway - Francesca Levi on 20 Mar 2013

Music Gateway are thrilled to announce partnership with specialist recruitment guru’s ‘Music Jobs UK’.

For those in the dark, Music Jobs UK is the biggest interactive recruitment site for the music industry. Created in 2002 the company has since expanded internationally with branches in Brazil, the USA and Italy. Music Jobs UK boasts over 16,000 companies actively searching for talented individuals to join their employment. The site is the biggest music-specific job site in the UK.

The forum is a huge benefit for all music people alike from professionals to novices at the start of their career. Registered users are frequently kept up to date via email with the latest jobs relevant to their skills.

The site regularly posts thousands of jobs within the music sector providing thousands of musicians with work. Music Jobs UK also offer vast lists of important contacts and connections within the music industry. In addition to this there are frequent articles giving insightful advice to those wanting to break into the industry. In short, they are musical recruitment extraordinaire!

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