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AudioSparx Review

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We recently caught up with ‘AudioSparx’, an industry-leading music library and stock audio website. As a respected marketplace for thousands of independent musical artists, producers, bands and publishers. The company aim to provide high-quality audio content to clients in film, television production and more.

We discussed their opinion on the site, relevant advice for our members on owning a music library and their thoughts on the site. We also got to know how to make the most out of our business platform.

AudioSparx catch-up:

Tell us a bit about yourself, your company and your background

AudioSparx is an online music library (via RadioSparx) that brings together a world of music. In operation since 1996, we specialize in licensing music for all types of commercial uses. We also provide in-store/background music service for businesses in more than 60 countries around the world.

How’re you enjoying the Мusic Gateway platform, what benefits have you noticed so far?

The Мusic Gateway platform has been a phenomenal resource for finding new artists for RadioSparx. It allows us to review tracks, bios, and videos and communicate directly with the artists all in one easy-to-use interface.



As owners of an industry-leading music library and stock audio website, what would you say are the greatest challenges/benefits of owning a music library?

Make sure the site is properly organised so clients can quickly find what they are looking for. All of our tracks are reviewed and double-checked for proper genre placement and possible RadioSparx use. AudioSparx is a seminal resource for artists. We handle all aspects of commercial licensing, distribution, and publishing, as well as have a significant B2C distribution operation. We face constant challenges in the markets we operate in. We are continually innovating and pushing the envelope in this fast-changing business.

What advice would you give to individuals who are looking to pitch their music to major films and commercial centres?

Are there any tips you’d give to an artist/ or producer in getting their music licensed in this area?

And what would you say you as a company look for when it comes to adding to your extensive catalogue?

I’d highly recommend reading ‘Corporate Music Method: How To Make Money With Music‘ which has a comprehensive set of recommendations for artists wanting to get more commercial placements. The book was written by one of the most successful artists at AudioSparx, Mr Erwin Steijlen, from the Netherlands.

First and foremost, we look for original, well-conceived, well-produced, and well-performed music by talented artists and composers. We like to work with savvy people and groups who are intelligent, self-motivated, and self-managing so that they can properly manage and develop their music catalogues and let us focus on the things we are responsible for that they cannot logically be directly involved in (i.e. the development, support, operations, management, and marketing of our various websites). This makes for a great, symbiotic relationship!

RadioSparx is actively seeking all genres of vocal radio-oriented music: Pop, Rock, Dance, EDM, Chill-Out, Lounge, Classical, etc… just about any genre, as long as it is well-produced.

Audiosparx for young up-and-coming artists

We highly recommend that they spend some time creating sound-alike music. By this I mean creating music that is “in the style of” some famous band, song, TV or movie theme song, making sure to not just create cover versions (which can’t be monetized without clearing publishing from the original owner of the song) but instead to create something that is truly transformative and takes it to the next level.

Also, we recommend that they spend some time producing their own version of songs that are in the public domain, of which there are many great Christmas songs, Classical songs, traditional/folk songs, and now even early Jazz songs.

Doing these things will add a lot of tricks and techniques to their repertoire, and give them some great tracks for their own catalogues for which there is ongoing significant commercial demand, and which they can fully monetize without having to clear publishing from some recalcitrant and unhelpful publisher somewhere.

What are the main advantages for you of running projects through the platform as opposed to working with existing connections?AudioSparx

Мusic Gateway allows us to discover new artists and genres of music that are on the cutting edge. We found many underground styles and subgenres before they became mainstream and popular. We have also discovered many supremely talented artists and composers!

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