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American Soul Sync Placement – Bud Ross & Pals

Photograph of the blog post author, Oli De St Croix

Oli De St Croix


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American Soul Sync Placement – Bud Ross And Pals

Interested to read about another successful sync placement? This time, we congratulate the 60s soul group Bud Ross and Pals for getting their track ‘Do Your Own Thing’ featured on the TV show American Soul.

It always makes us incredibly proud to see our members get the success they deserve and love giving them the spotlight. As always it has been a pleasure working with PopUpMusic, who assisted with securing this placement! We’d also like to give a big thanks to music supervisor Ashley Neumeister!

Americal Soul

“American Soul is a six-episode scripted drama, combining both fictional and real-life characters and moments. It tells the story of a young, ambitious and troubled entrepreneur. This is none other than Don Cornelius, the creator of “Soul Train”!  Soul Train was one of the most predominant television shows for African American culture in the 1970s.

Filled with music, dance, fashion and glamour, American Soul reveals what it took to launch the first nationally-syndicated black music show and what happened when the music stopped.

Through it all, 30-something Don Cornelius sacrifices all that he loves to follow his dream… ” – IMDB

American Soul – Trailer