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Music Industry Jobs – SPOTIFY (Marketing), SYMPHONIC (Content Ops.), FIRST ACCESS (A&R)

By Mary Woodcock on 15 October 2018

At Spotify, we’re focused on providing the right music for every moment. We’ve connected millions of people to their favorite songs and created a service that people use to discover and share...

Music Industry Jobs – DANGERBIRD (Marketing), SONY (Sync), FIRST ACCESS (Sales)

By Mary Woodcock on 15 October 2018

Dangerbird Records is an independent record label based in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Our roster includes Slothrust, Matt Costa, Juiceboxxx, Arthur King, The Dears, Butch Walker,...

Music Industry Jobs – DEF (Paralegal), NATIONAL THEATRE (Music Res.), COALITION (Booker)

By Mary Woodcock on 15 October 2018

Successful and established music management company is looking for a part-time/temporary paralegal administrator to help summarise, digitalise and file legal agreements for all clients. These...

Music Industry Jobs – MAHOGANY (Assist.), SONGTRUST (Rights), REPOST (Sales)

By Mary Woodcock on 01 October 2018

Mahogany is a fast-growing boutique music company based in Hoxton, London.

Music Industry Jobs – DITTO (Publicity), KARTEL (Manager)

By Mary Woodcock on 01 October 2018

Ditto Music is a fast-growing and award-winning music distribution and label services company for over 150,000 artists, with offices in 16 countries worldwide.

Music Industry Jobs – EXILE (Manager), AWAL (Marketing), KOBALT (Royalties)

By Mary Woodcock on 01 October 2018

To work with Exile you must deliver, develop and manage outstanding and innovative successful products, internally and externally, from initiation to completion.

Music Gateway CEO takes top prize at Super Sync Pool Challenge

By Sophie Small on 27 September 2018

The Guild of Music Supervisors events are slowly becoming one the work evenings I look forward to the most and that’s quite simply because, it just doesn’t feel like work at all. Our involvement...

Music A&R interview: Outdustry’s Marcus Rowland talks Chinese Democracy

By Mary Woodcock on 27 September 2018

We sat down with Outdustry’s head of A&R, Marcus Rowland, to get some advice and tips on how to approach A&R placements. As one of the biggest actors in the Chinese music market,...

Artist’s EP: A&R in the Asian Market with Leo Antinori

By Mary Woodcock on 26 September 2018

As anyone working in today’s A&R scene will know, the Asian market is the place to be for song cuts. For Leonardo Antinori (Leo to his friends), producer, songwriter and founder of New Vine,...

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Sashay Away

By Mary Woodcock on 21 September 2018

They’re fabulous and fierce, they’re demanding because they earned it through blood sweat and tears. These are the Divas, who own the room they’re in because why else would they...

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Be The Cowboy

By Mary Woodcock on 21 September 2018

A country music playlist for campfires, lone rangers, snow-topped mountains and stetson-wearing riders. Stay golden Ponyboy.

Music in Play: What is Metadata and why is it so Important?

By Mary Woodcock on 18 September 2018

Head of Sync, Jack Skates tells us why Metadata is so important for securing Syncs and gives some top tips on how to use metadata in your music career.

The Music Industry Notes: Dave Stewart Champions Music Gateway

By Mary Woodcock on 18 September 2018

No stranger to the music business, Dave Stewart is recognized as one of the most respected and accomplished talents in the music industry today with a music career spanning four decades and over...

Music Thoughts Download: Writing for Labels Through Collaboration

By Mary Woodcock on 17 September 2018

It seems a lot of professionals in the music industry don’t just stick to one thing, and John Kerfoot (Kerfo Music) is no exception to this. John works as a musician, songwriter and producer in...

Music Industry Jobs – RED BULL RECORDS (Publicity), CAROLINE (Plugger)

By Mary Woodcock on 17 September 2018

Red Bull Records is a full-service independent record label dedicated to long-term artist development, with a diverse roster across a variety of musical genres.

Music Industry Jobs – SPINNIN’ RECORDS (PR), PPL (PR), WARP (Promo)

By Mary Woodcock on 17 September 2018

Position:SENIOR PR AGENT Employer: SPINNIN’ RECORDS Location: NETHERLANDS Salary: COMETITIVE Closing Date: Oct 13th 2018   Spinnin’ Records is a Dutch record label and...

Music Industry Jobs – BIMM (Events), CANTINE (Marketing), KOBALT (Assistant)

By Mary Woodcock on 17 September 2018

BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, has colleges in eight cities where music matters most – London, Berlin, Hamburg, Dublin, Brighton, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham – and is...

Music Gateway’s Friday Playlist: Key Notes

By Mary Woodcock on 12 September 2018

The instrument that created the original renaissance rock stars, the piano. The singer/songwriter’s best friend and a corner stone music throughout time, check out our member’s piano...

Artist’s EP: Notes from a Music Lyric Writer

By Mary Woodcock on 12 September 2018

Amanda West is a professional lyricist and topline co-writer, working with bands such as Future Kings Of Denmark, who we actually featured in our August monthly playlist of fresh new tracks to our...

Music in Play: How to License Cover Songs and Remixes for Release

By Mary Woodcock on 12 September 2018

Releasing cover songs, remixes and tracks which use samples offer a great way to help your music reach new ears and get your name out to new fans. However, it’s important to make sure you’re doing...