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Rolling Stone VS EDM: Is There A Master Plan?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  14 November 2013

Is this the desperate cry of rock n’ roll against the now big daddy of the past few years ‘EDM’ or is there a method to this madness?

New Online Degree Program from Berklee Online

Author Mary Woodcock  |  13 November 2013

Music education is becoming ever more important a factor when aspiring to work within the music industry. A degree is now becoming a minimum requirement for a large range of jobs so it is...

Music Gateway and BASCA Unite

Author Mary Woodcock  |  12 November 2013


Should Musicians Be Paid For Track T.V Placements? Whitey Strikes Back

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 November 2013

He wants us to share this so we’re going to do just that. To give you a brief idea of what has happened Whitey was recently approached by large TV production company ‘Betty’ who in short asked to...

Make Ish Happen and The New ‘Alex Da Kid’ On The Block Seeks Talented Individuals

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 November 2013

Today we feature a very exciting project for any of you vocalists/lyricists out there to get involved with. The project has been made by Make Ish Happen and their featured producer available for...

This week on Music Gateway

Author Mary Woodcock  |  08 November 2013

So it’s been a busy week for us here at Music Gateway, on Monday , we introduced you lucky people to JTV digital, who are a digital distribution company based in France who through 10years...

We Talk Rap, Rock and Remixes with The LaFontaines

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 November 2013

UK based pop-rock focused label ‘Lab Records’ is home to a number of great bands that are currently exploding their way onto the rock scene with acts such as Hellogoodbye, Katie Sky, Cartel,...

Calling all Artists & Booking Agents- Get Booking with BookYou!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 November 2013

We at Music Gateway are always looking for new ways of making your lives easier so today we would like to share BookYou with well… you!

TRAP? What The Fudge Is That?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  05 November 2013

Time to get crazy. EDM has seen a huge increase in popularity in the past few years and is now dominating the music charts dramatically. So amongst the high surge of EDM it is important to keep up...

Copyright in Sound Recordings Extended from 50 years to 70 years

Author Mary Woodcock  |  04 November 2013

It has now been passed that copyright in sound recordings have been increased from 50 years to 70 years. This means that since the day a track is published performers can enjoy 70 years worth of...

JTV Digital – The Music Distribution Company That Understands You

Author Mary Woodcock  |  04 November 2013

Following Jeremie Varengo’s recent choice to leave Universal he has founded his new digital distribution JTV Digital and I want to tell you a bit more about it as the company has it right to say...

Your Music Gateway Profile – The Essential Guide!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  01 November 2013

Your profile is the essential element to you obtaining project work and for us to issue you with notifications about relevant work opportunities. We MATCH projects details to your SKILLS &...

Today on Music Gateway!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  01 November 2013

There are lots of new and exciting projects up on the Music Gateway site today and are being added everyday, from Singers wanted, to producers/remixers needed to rappers wanted, there really is...

The One – The Biggest/Best party in London on NYE!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  31 October 2013

New Years is obviously always one of the best nights of the year, but this year EGG in London have made sure that it’s one you’ll never forget by launching a brand new party series...

Do Protest Songs have the power to make a difference?

Author Mary Woodcock  |  31 October 2013

The recent campaign by women in Saudi Arabia to be allowed to drive and society’s divided reaction has led a group of Saudi satirists to resort to a famous Bob Marley song to explain the...

Where Does The Blame Lie? Foals Frontman Joins The Spotify Debate

Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 October 2013

Next to jump on the bandwagon to display his thoughts about Spotify’s royalty payments to artists is Yannis Philippakis, frontman of math-rock band Foals. Now I do love Foals personally however I...

Need help on who to send your demo’s too? Here’s a handy guide!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 October 2013

When sending a demo to record labels you first need to do a little bit of research. Find out what kind of artists the record label generally deals with, do they generally deal with bands such as...

Disc Makers Handy Handbook! You Know You Want It.

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 October 2013

Music Gateway has teamed up with Disc Makers, the fastest and easiest full-service CD replicator company around. They also provide other services like authoring, encoding, graphic design and menu...

Alternative Mercury Music Prize!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 October 2013

So the Mercury Prize, the annual music prize awarded for the best album from the United Kingdom and Ireland (though the nominees aren’t always from these places, see the Guillemots being nominated...

Want To Hit It Big In Germany? Get Promoted By

Author Mary Woodcock  |  29 October 2013

Are you an artist looking to branch out into new territories and Germany still remains an unexplored funfair for you to attend? Well you’re going to need promotion and most importantly from...