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“Iron the carpet”… “Sure… Wait, What?” Kanye West turning BBC heads

Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 September 2013

So it wasn’t long ago we posted about Kanye West and his interview with Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1. Read here.Well we did a little more digging and we found this.

Bad Publicity – Does It Exist? ‘Twerking’ Queen Miley Cyrus Makes An Impact

Author Mary Woodcock  |  30 September 2013

Miley Cyrus – these are the only words on everyone’s lips right now. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star has clearly done away with her ‘good girl’ image and unleashed a...

NO DJ’s, JUST MUSIC DAY- 7am-7pm @BBC Radio 1

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 September 2013


When trouble is at hand who can you rely on? ‘The Streaming Audio Task Force’

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 September 2013

Can’t get mainstream traditional radio play for your songs and want to reach out to new audiences? Consider the rising opportunities that are emerging around you with the online world....

Getting Started in the Industry

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 September 2013

First things first, there are no easy ways of becoming a world renowned rock god or super star DJ. Whilst there are some viral-style hits that make it with minimal effort and a heap of luck, more...

‘Hear the sound of ZiRENZ? VMM e-magazine says listen up!’

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 September 2013

If you thought that DJing was just pressing play on a playlist on your iPod then you couldn’t be more wrong! It is about being a versatile musician and producer and in the case of Bex Hazard...

Top Italian Publisher Seeks Bespoke Music Through Music Gateway

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 September 2013

Don’t we have a brilliant opportunity for you! Music Media (top Italian music publishing company) have recently posted a project through our site in search for new compositions to create a...

‘One for the history books’ Kanye West Interview with BBC Radio 1 – Listen and read!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  25 September 2013

Mindblowing. This is the only word to describe this must hear interview. Monday night saw Kanye West speak openly to Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 for quite easily the interview of his career. The...

DIY Fan Live Videos just came of age– Introducing Evergig

Author Mary Woodcock  |  25 September 2013

Artists! Do you get tired of seeing low quality videos of your live performances around YouTube? The sound quality is awful and that guy’s head annoyingly gets in front of the camera just as...

Forming life changing connections – Producer/Singer: Basil Simon

Author Mary Woodcock  |  24 September 2013

What really makes our day at Music Gateway is finding out just how the connections made through this site really can make a difference to an individuals life. We have hundred’s of projects active...

Don’t Be Shortsighted! Find Clarity With Vision

Author Mary Woodcock  |  24 September 2013

Are you a great band/artist or currently work with talent and you know the brilliant musical content is there but generating that ‘buzz’ on your own seems a weighty and difficult task?...

MOS vs Spotify – The Big Debate

Author Mary Woodcock  |  23 September 2013

Recently it has been announced that Ministry of Sound is suing music streaming service Spotify in a dispute over accusations of Spotify user playlists copying its compilations albums. An...

Music Universities –Which Course? Where? How Do I Survive?!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  23 September 2013

So you want to make your footstep into the music industry? You have an idea about what you want to do but are possibly unsure of your options? First thing I would say is not to worry, I’ve been...

Jonathan Feist on Managing A Project To The Max

Author Mary Woodcock  |  17 September 2013

Us Londoners drink copious amounts of tea and New Yorkers are famous for their coffee but we didn’t let that tiny little difference stop us from connecting about music with Berklee Press editor in...

Exclusive Offer for Berklee Online Students!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 September 2013

Music Gateway is giving Berklee Online Students an exclusive offer of 3 months free Pro Level membership to the site worth £45!

Rock Ballad of Remembrance for 9/11

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 September 2013

Today marks the 12 year anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and it is still very much at the forefront of people’s minds all over the world at...

PRS Momentum Music Fund Artists Announced

Author Mary Woodcock  |  11 September 2013

We first announced our support for the PRS for Music Foundation and their new scheme to help talented and aspiring artists last month here.

Grime, Grit and Determination with Ghetts

Author Mary Woodcock  |  03 September 2013

On a sunshine filled day I made my way to the rather trendy area of Hoxton to meet up with a very versatile rap artist by the name of Ghetts. The East London lad, who has grown up as a fundamental...

Charles Foskett Talks Ashtrays to Elvis

Author Mary Woodcock  |  03 September 2013

Charles Foskett is a talented musician, composer and producer with a wealth of experience within the music industry. He has joined us here at Music Gateway to make use of our connection and...

Supporting Exposure Music Awards for emerging talent!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  23 August 2013

Jon Skinner, CEO of Music Gateway is proud to be announced as one of the supporting Exposure Music Awards partners on the A&R team this year. This is great opportunity for Music Gateway to be...