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Submit your demos to A&Rs, your music to publishers and your new releases to press in a professionally presented way that makes it easy for them to listen, review and promote your music.

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Be professional

Getting music promotion and being heard by the right people is not always easy. Create a playlist that keeps you looking professional and sells your brand whilst making it easy for your client to stream your music, give you feedback and download your music.

Build Your Brand

Strengthen your brand image through your music presentation.

Download MP3 or WAV

Stay in complete control of what your clients access.

Password Protect

Protect unreleased work when sending it to labels and magazines.

Share Contact Details

Make it as easy as possible for people to contact you if they like your sound.

Metadata Tags

Stay professional with the way you present your music and increase success.

Video Inclusion

Not just for audio, send your whole promotional package including music videos.

Promote your music

Once your music’s stored in the cloud you can promote your music by creating playlists to send to your contacts or let us represent your music and get it heard by high-level industry members for TV, Film, Games and Advertising opportunities as well placing songs with major artists. Learn More About Sync Licensing

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“It's a much more efficient way of working than sending out emails to labels / publishers and trying to get them to take notice of your music.”

Liz Cirelli

Musician, Artist

“Being organised into one company, it is challenging the old patterns of the industry. It is kicking old patriarchs off their seat. It is a great concept and totally meeting the Zeitgeist.”



“What is essential to remember is that how your music is exhibited is a direct representation of you.”

“The biggest asset for me is that the platform allows me to totally work remotely – despite being based in Northern France.”

Carl Moses


“I put some music up and waited for artists to contact me, it didn’t take long before artists got in touch with me"

Dean Facey

Record Label

“Some of my songs are currently on hold with labels and also i have tracks on hold for sync opportunities."

Leo Capper


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