*WIN $100+ Worth of Prizes* Looking for DANCE TRACKS for Music Gateway Spotify Playlist!


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As part of a new partnership with Radio Airplay, you have the chance to win $100+ worth of their promotional tools every week! Radio Airplay offer a unique service to their members where subscribers submit tracks to Radio Airplay for promotion on internet radio. Members then get their tracks played on stations featuring a popular artist, which Radio Airplay subscribers have specified their music is similar to. ALL SUBMITTED TRACKS MUST CURRENTLY BE ON SPOTIFY We are looking for a range of dance tracks for our Friday Playlist - get featured on our blog, Spotify and social media! Any sub-genre is fine, as long as it is well-produced and something that's gonna make our listeners' get their back off the wall. Make sure to include a file comment with your submissions with your website and/or any social media accounts for your music, AND A LINK TO THE SONG ON SPOTIFY! Any tracks submitted MUST BE RELEASED VIA SPOTIFY - if it is not currently on Spotify it can't be featured on the Friday Playlist Cut off for submission is Wednesday 25th July 10am BST TRACKS MUST BE ON SPOTIFY

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Deep House

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