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Killer Sync is a pre-cleared artist led music catalogue. We have brought together outstanding, crafted and honest music from artists around the world. We provide music for easy licencing. Our intelligent search enables you to find the music you're after quickly and licence for your Film, TV production, Advertisement or online media. This is an area where you can submit your demos for our consideration. - How to Submit - You can upload your song(s) using the submission button on the right and please don't forget to add your contact details for us to contact you if we like what we hear! - Message - When sending over your music, it's always good to add some more information about yourself and/or the release. So drop us a short message along with your submission! We do listen to everything that is submitted but, due to time constraints, unfortunately we cannot provide everyone with feedback. We will however, contact you directly if we are interested in discussing your submissions and learning more about you. Looking forward to hearing your submissions! Matt

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