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We are an established sync agent working directly with music supervisors, broadcasters, TV production companies, advertising agents and games publishers worldwide licensing music and earning our rights holders revenue.

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What Is Royalty-Free Music?

The word ‘free’ can be misleading as royalty-free music still requires a licence to use. However, unlike other licences, the use of royalty-free music only requires one upfront payment which allows you to use the track however you like as royalties do not need to be paid, hence the term ‘royalty-free’. 


Royalty-free licences vary from company to company but in general, royalty-free music comes with:

  • A one-off single payment with no additional usage costs
  • Usage across all platforms and media
  • Global clearance for all territories

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Free Royalty-free Music

Finding music available to use for free is extremely rare but we’ve put together a small selection of royalty-free tracks for you to download and use in your media at absolutely no cost!

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Stock Music, Copyright-Free, Creative Commons

The terminology used around royalty-free music can be blurry so it’s important to fully understand what you can and can’t do with the music you find. The terms stock music, public domain, copyright-free, and creative commons often come up when talking about royalty-free music but they all mean slightly different things which, if misunderstood, can cause issues further down the line for your project.

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Looking for more tracks?

If you’re working on bigger productions, royalty-free tracks might not work well but we have a huge catalogue of production library music as well as commercial tracks available for easy and affordable licensing within your project.

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Make your music available for licensing

If you have tracks available for licensing, we can offer you sync representation working with clients all over the world looking for background music. Earn money from your music and potentially get the thrill of hearing your music in film, tv, advertising and games!

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What our members are saying

“I’m a daily user, whether that’s checking briefs or pitching for sync. I’ve used other systems and I’ve disregarded them all in favour of Music Gateway.”

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Tom Wells

Sync & Licensing manager

“I like the proactive route MG takes, daily opportunities and the way I can pitch specific music instead of just uploading my library.”

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Paul (1812 Music)

Producer / musician

“I've been a member for 2 years. I upgraded to their Influencer tier a year ago and with this one sync alone it's paid for itself many times over.”

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Jackson Snapp

Producer / DJ

"Music Gateway reflects the reality of today, movement, freshness and technology at the same time. I love it."

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Pamela Pagano

Publisher, OML Sync

“Since joining during the early days, it’s rapidly grown into an impressive music licensing hub. Equally, the team hasn't lost their personal touch!”

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Kathy Brown

Singer Songwriter

"The new generation of sync platforms online such as Music Gateway are a really good way to find clients"

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Amanda West


Tom Wells, Head of Sync at Mayfield records using Music Gateway for storing music, managing metadata & sending files.
Photo of 1812 Music
Photo of Jackson Snapp
Pamela Pagano is a label manager at One More Lab who loves the technology Music Gateway use to empower independent creatives
Kathy Brown is an independent Singer Songwriter who has been using Music Gateway for a number of years
Photo of Amanda West Songwriter
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