Inspire Your Students, Improve Your School

Sponsored by Maestro by Gibson

Enter 5 or more students and get put into a prize draw to win thousands of pounds worth of musical equipment for your school and who knows how and who it’ll be delivered by...

Each winner of the school prize draw will receive:

4 x Maestro Guitars (2 x electric and 2 x acoustic), NEAT Worker Bee Mic, NEAT XLR Cable, a pair of KRK RP5G3 Headphones and a pair of KRK KNS6400

We have 20 packages ready to go out to 20 schools.

NextGen Schools win too!

What is NextGen?

Are you part of an emboldening, thriving school or university that love taking part in innovative and expressive campaigns for students?

We want to encourage talent out of the homes of the UK and into the spotlight they deserve so we need your help to do it! We know how much hidden talent is walking down the corridors and sitting in the classrooms of schools and universities nationwide. They’ve got the talent and the drive to become world class and it’s up to us to make sure they’re being heard and getting the platform they need to succeed.

Look no further than the incredible nationwide NextGen Competition where everyone who enters will be heard by some of the biggest names in music! As well as this, entrees will have plenty of opportunities to win some amazing prizes including a life changing recording package and VIP access to top concerts.

"Music deals with your feelings, your ability to communicate , your spirit and soul, and your identity. It's deeply personal and can inspire you to be a more open, better version of yourself. I'm really hoping music teachers all over the country will use Music Gateway's NextGen to encourage young people with their instruments in school, and beyond - so music can enrich their lives as it has mine."

- Nicola Benedetti, Renowned Violinist, Brit Award Winner, NextGen Judge

Meet the NextGen Judges