1G3 | London


Songs produced and co-written: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2kot9g2pn90tnAlWLhLZz1?si=59liqkGiQJ2LIIJSf4va-A

I am Gauthier, a 24-year-old French rhythmically driven producer obsessed with groove movements and vocal performances. My sound is a diverse combination of hard percussive elements, smooth futurist synths, and groovy melodies.
I am not restricting myself to a specific genre as versatility is a crucial element to express all my feelings sonically. Whether it is joy or melancholia, I let my emotions to lead me. But even in my happiest song, you will still find some darkness…

Starting my music career as a drummer at 6, I spent my entire childhood searching the perfect rhythm to support each Artist I was playing with. That was my unique way to help them reach their full potential. Eager for new challenges, I left France to chase my dream in the UK. This is when I discovered music production; the perfect tool to express myself completely. Writing, composing or mixing, the more I control the sound, the better I understand who am I as an Artist. From composing pure dark electronic music in my bedroom to producing hyper-shiny pop songs in the studio for other Artists, I am discovering day by day who I really am.

As an Artist-producer, I want and I need this artistic freedom of making multi-genre music, with my sound signature.