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He went on a spiritual journey to get to know who Joel was as an individual and to know who his explosive side DYNAMITE really was.
In 2017 Dynamite Released the Bomb "BRAVE"!
Brave is now an International Hit-song played all over the world, the record was Signed to Sony Black Butter Records in that year, and BRAVE had over a million streams on Spotify and millions more through other streaming platforms.
This gave Dynamite a lot of attention in the music world, at that time the SPOTIFY TEAM, MAJOR LAZOR, and BACARDI teamed up for their music liberates Music campaign and choose Dynamite as their representative for Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, on top of that ''BRAVE'' Won the Miami Road March Award in the Miami. BACARDI flew Dynamite to London in 2018 where he performed on the Nottin hill Carnival at the Rampage Stage.
In Trinidad, he performed on BUNGI GARLIN his private show where CARDI B, MARSHALL MONTANO, NAILAH BLACKMAN, and others performed as well.
In 2019 Dynamite did collaborations with STATIC, BADROYAL, KEVIN LITTLE, RDX, and MATAFIX.
and BACARDI flew DYNAMITE to Costa Rica for one of their beautiful tropical Commercials.
Dynamite continues to follow his passion for music and believes there isn't any limit unless the one you place on yourself, there are endless opportunities when it comes to music