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My Biography (In short)

- At the age of two i became interested in music, believe it or not ! I was a very quiet child and i often just listened to music on my father's radio. A little later my grandmother learned me what a C-chord was on her piano, in the different octaves. Later on she learned me also the other chords… At the age of six i started making my own drums with wash-powder boxes and i used wooden kitchen spoons to make the sound of a “drum”. Age 10 i learned to play real drums & trumpet, followed music theory in two different music schools for six years, to fill up my evenings on Tuesday and Thursday. On Saturday morning i had to go to our music theory class and we learned how to write music. At Sixteen i started playing in a Punk-Rock-band as a drummer for fun, but learned a lot more about music those day's and the following years... (Here's still a large part missing that I will update later !)
– EXPERIENCE ; I’ve played as a professional drummer in many bands (Belgium) like ‘Citizen Jane’ (Jazz/Pop) for 5 years with one CD recording and many concerts. I’ve been studio recording drummer and have worked 40 years as a drummer; Live concerts, Recording albums with different rock-bands etc… I still do and learn of-course.
– NEW PROJECTS SINCE 2004 are Wannislas and Abstinent Dazzle. With these projects i make some Funky, Dance, Reggae, Rock & Jazz (Fusion) music. In my third project Space Orchestra by Johan Franz Lang (alias) kind of contemporary chill-out easy listening music. All @ Production-House ADMP (Abstinent Dazzle Music Productions)
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Thank you,
Creative Executive
Johan F. Langhendries
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